Courage to Leap and Lead: CB Bowman-Ottomanelli’s New Book Redefines Success

CB Bowman-Ottomanelli

Book Cover - Courage to Leap and Lead by CB Bowman-Ottomanelli

Book Cover – Courage to Leap and Lead by CB Bowman-Ottomanelli

Banner - Courage to Leap and Lead by CB Bowman-Ottomanelli

Banner – Courage to Leap and Lead by CB Bowman-Ottomanelli

CB Bowman-Ottomanelli’s latest book offers groundbreaking insights on transforming failure into success through courageous leadership.

Courage is simple solutions to complex problems.”

— CB Bowman-Ottomanelli

FORT COLLINS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, January 2, 2024 / — In an era where the boundaries of success and failure are increasingly ambiguous, CB Bowman’s latest masterpiece, “Courage to Leap and Lead…A Roadmap for Redefining Failure into Success,” stands out as a guiding light for aspiring leaders. Authored by the esteemed “Courage Doctor for Organizations,” this book is not just a read, but an expedition into the heart of courageous leadership and success.

About the Book:

For the first time, Bowman reveals a unique system that employs “simple solutions to solve complex problems,” effectively turning failure into a stepping stone for success. This book serves as an exhaustive guide, equipping leaders with the necessary skills and mindset to distinguish themselves. It delves into the seven steps of implementing courageous leadership, the art of transforming failure into success, identifying critical courageous behaviors, and introduces the concept of Microcourage.

A Must-Read for Executives and Leaders:

In the high-stakes world of executive leadership, the ability to make tough decisions and embrace risks is crucial. “Courage to Leap and Lead” is more than a book; it’s a transformative experience that teaches how to embed courage into your organizational culture, inspiring teams, fostering innovation, and driving business growth.

High Praise from Leading Experts:

The book has received accolades from notable figures like Hubert Joly of Harvard Business School, Garry Ridge, The Culture Coach and Chairman Emeritus of WD-40 Company, and Howard Morgan, CEO of Leadership Research Institute, affirming its impact and relevance in today’s business landscape.

Meet CB Bowman-Ottomanelli:

CB Bowman-Ottomanelli is a visionary in the corporate world, renowned for her role as a “Courage Implementation Consultant.” Her work in embedding courageous leadership in organizations has sparked creativity and innovation. A celebrated host and guest speaker, Bowman is recognized as a leading voice in leadership and coaching.

Book Launch Event:

Join the excitement at the virtual launch party on January 16, 2024. Register at Courage Consulting to witness this transformative event.

Get Your Copy:

Available at major book retailers from January 16, 2024, this book is an essential read for anyone aspiring to excel in business and life. Remember, courage is not just an emotion; it’s a strategy for winning!

Contact Information:

For more details or to schedule an interview with CB Bowman, please reach out via email at [email protected] or contact Engage Talent.

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