Concept Artist Rita Yuwei Li Shares Her Experience as a Judge at Rookie Awards 2024

Rita Yuwei Li

Rookie Awards Rita Yuwei Li

Rookie Awards Rita Yuwei Li

Being part of the juror panel is a great honor for me. Rookie Awards have allowed me to contribute to the artist community and communicate with the new generation of artists”

— Rita Yuwei Li, Judge at Rookie Awards 2024

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 14, 2024 / — Increasingly gaining global recognition, the Rookie Awards offer a platform for emerging design and media entertainment and have welcomed a new judge on board, Rita Yuwei Li, in the Concept Art and Game Development categories

Rookie Awards 2024

Internationally recognized concept artist, Rita Yuwei Li, recently made a public statement about her appearance at the 14th annual Rookie Awards, the results of which will be announced in July. Sharing her ongoing experience at the event, she expressed her gratitude and appreciation for the entire organizing committee, which has competently selected the jury members to ensure meritocracy and creativity are judged without any hint or lack of professionalism.

The Rookie Awards have been the talk of the town for quite some time, offering a unique platform for creative artists of all forms from all across the world to showcase their talent. In 2023, it received 5,517 entries from 106 countries, witnessing an unprecedented 25% increase from 2022; with its increasing popularity, this year, the final number is expected to be much higher than the previous year, with many entries coming in every hour. With remarkable collaborations on board and partnerships with Adobe, Dell, and Lenovo, the Rookie Awards are now considered a requisite for entering the creative entertainment industry.

Ms. Li’s participation was warmly welcomed by the legendary names of the creatives and members of the fraternity who have had the opportunity to work with her. Her dedication and love for her work have always surpassed the works of her contemporaries. She specializes in creating photo-realistic and stylized environment concept art for video games and films. She has added many notable works to her portfolio, namely game Avowed and The Wandering Earth mobile game. Ms. Li has won the 2023 JIA Illustration Award Silver Award, 2023 London International Creative Competition Finalist and the 2023 Fadif International Frontier Innovation Design Competition-China Division Golden Award.

“Being part of the juror panel is a great honor for me. Rookie Awards have allowed me to contribute to the artist community and communicate with the new generation of artists. Looking at the entrants’ work reminds me of a rookie artist and pushes me to keep being creative in my work.”
— Rita Yuwei Li, Judge at Rookie Awards 2024

Ms. Li had been following the Rookie Awards long before she thought she’d participate, and she has now become a judge. While she didn’t disclose many details about this year’s event as it is still going on, she revealed that among her favorite candidates from previous years are Scott Zhang, an award-winning 3D artist and judge at Rookie Awards, and Lola Zhang, who is now at Sucker Punch Studio. The names reflect the significance of the Rookie Awards and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity it brings to the participants.

Speaking of her duties as a judge, Ms. Li shared that the opportunity brings challenges. Being part of the assessment of entries at the preliminary stage, she has a massive responsibility to evaluate each entry to a score of 1-10. It is her decision, along with the other judges’, that allows for an entry to be allowed to move on to the next round. For the candidates, she shared some valuable tips to take care of while submitting an entry, among which she highlighted that the originality of content and execution remain above and beyond all other entry features.

The evaluation criteria are also extensively explained to the candidates to avoid unforeseen circumstances. From creative genius to technical mastery, the wide range and a mix of experts go through each aspect of the entry. The content’s diversity and the presentation’s quality are among the notable features Ms. Li is heavily inclined toward. How a work is presented often makes or breaks the games for artists. The presentation should speak for all the hard work put into making the project. Moreover, the overall performance is evaluated holistically, emphasizing innovation, unique design solutions, and technical proficiency, such as line art, color theory, 3D skills, and rendering techniques.

Ms. Li will also be evaluating for the Excellence Awards, for which she is also part of the finalist pool of jury members. The considerable responsibilities have allowed her to closely monitor the evaluation of entries from start to end. She shared that it has been a learning experience for her, too, given the nature of critical decision-making; she feels positively challenged and has been learning in the company of her fellow expert judges, the likes of which include Alwyn Hunt, who is popularly known for the work in Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and Thor: Ragnarök. Senior concept designer and art director Ben Mauro also serves as a judge for the awards.

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About Rita Yuwei Li x Rookie Awards 2024
Rita Yuwei Li has announced her participation as a judge at the 14th annual Rookie Awards. The event is among the fastest-growing and leading platforms for creative artists.

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