Celebrities Came out to Support “TORN” Film Premiere Starring Alfonso Freeman & Jordon Alexander Produced by Mukesh Modi

TORN directed by Ryen William Thomas’ third feature film, produced by Manoj Narula of Ashwin Films with Mukesh Modi of D Star Entertainment.

HOLLYWOOD, UNITED STATES, October 12, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Celebrities Came out to Support “TORN” Film Premiere Starring Alfonso René Freeman and Jordon Alexander Directed by Ryen William Thomas, Produced by Mukesh Modi, Manoj Narula

Charlotte, North Carolina’s film community came out in full force to pack the Charlotte Independent Picture House on consecutive weekends for the indie psychological thriller, TORN. Making it’s premiere during Charlotte’s film festival to a sold out crowd and then packing the same 105 seat auditorium a week later for a private screening, TORN, marks the return of Alfonso René Freeman to the big screen as the small town Sheriff Mike Lewis.

Produced by D Star Entertainment’s Mukesh Modi International film maker who has directed/produced Hollywood and Bollywood films his award winning film “The Elevator” starring Eric Roberts, Eugenia Kuzmina and Matt Rife is streaming on Amazon Prime, he has partnered with producer Manoj Narula of Ashwin Films. TORN follows a troubled father, Peter Stube (Jordon Alexander), who has purposefully chosen the small Appalachian town of Bilford for its isolated location, so he can disconnect and self-heal from the wounds of his past. Confining himself within the four walls of a small hunting cabin forces him to reflect on his former life, but without the proper therapy, he ends up berating himself for his downward spiral.

Unfortunately for Peter, Bilford is dealing with some turmoil of it’s own. Previously, the nearby wolf population was only known for inspiring some werewolf lore, but now with a dwindling food source the wolves have encroached on the townsfolk’s livestock and livelihood, inspiring panic and fear. Without hunters renting out mountain properties, eating in the diners or shopping on Main Street, the blame for the sudden decline of the town rests on the broad shoulders of Sheriff Mike Lewis.

Both men use each other as they aim to set their lives straight, but are continuously faced with previous mistakes. Their friendship, born out of deceit and distrust may not survive Peter’s obsession with the local werewolf lore and eventual downward spiral but it won’t stop the Sheriff from genuinely wanting to ensure Peter’s well-being.

TORN is director Ryen William Thomas’ third feature film and he masterfully weaves a cautionary tale of a man captivated by conspiracy and ultimately unable to determine the difference between reality and fantasy. The psychological drama will keep the audience engaged long after the credits roll as they discuss various theories of what is and isn’t real.

Not only starring as Peter Stube, Jordon Alexander also co-wrote with first time screenwriter Benjamin Johnston. A tale 10 years in the making started taking shape during lunch breaks from their previous career as underwriters for an internationally known insurance company. Jordon Alexander and Alfonso René Freeman star alongside reality star Hunter Thore, John Romanski, Paula Lacewell, Danielle Tarmey, and Danny

Jordon Alexander, Alfonso René Freeman, Hunter Thore, John Romanski, Paula Lacewell, Danielle Tarmey, and Danny

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