Cali Crown Jewels, a startup lapidary shop near Silicon Valley, produces rare Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper

Poppy Jasper International Film Festival

Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper Stone

Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper Stone

MORGAN HILL, CA, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2024 / — Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper is a highly sought-after stone known for its unique combination of red, brown, and tan hues resembling the picturesque landscapes where it is found. Fans and professionals rave over this variety of orbicular jasper which is recognized for its eye catching patterns, which create eye catching designs reminiscent of California poppy flowers, a human iris and Jupiter’s Great Red Spot.

Coming soon from April 10-17, 2024 is the 18th annual Poppy Jasper International Film Festival. This critically acclaimed film festival is hosted south of Silicon Valley. The festival’s namesake comes from the captivating stone found in the region. In recent years, the event’s popularity has skyrocketed and is well known for discovering up and coming filmmakers. The film festival celebrates digital arts storytellers who are from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds. It champions women’s empowerment, LGBTQ representation and diversity and inclusion for filmmakers of all backgrounds.

David Miller, founder of Cali Crown Jewels, will be involved at this year’s festival. Mr. Miller and his team are working to bring back some unique festival traditions. Historically, each filmmaker’s award had included a piece of the famed stone, so filmmakers from across the world could take a piece of Morgan Hill home with them. This year, Miller suggested to help redesign the awards to bring this touch back.

Additionally, Miller is aiming to bring back the festival’s charity auction, where he will be donating finished jewelry pieces. Cali Crown Jewels will also be selling jewelry products on select days. It marks one of the few occasions where Poppy Jasper jewelry is available at the festival.

Cali Crown Jewels will be featured on Season 11 of Amazon Prime’s ‘The Blox’, a competition show on entrepreneurship, airing this Fall.

Today, Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper is only found on private property. The mining operations closed decades ago and those sites cannot be accessed again. With a captivating elegance and finite supply, this type of Jasper is sure to not only turn heads and start conversations, but will maintain its value as time goes on.

This geological formation of Poppy Jasper is attributed to volcanic activity millions of years ago in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Orbicular shapes with yellow hues are attributed to a greater presence of volcanic activity in the vein. Due to its captivating appearance and hardness, this semi-precious stone is perfect for fine jewelry and lapidary art.

The stone’s popularity stems not only from its aesthetic appeal but also from its rarity and connection to the local geography, making it a prized and symbolic stone for those interested in California geology and lapidary lore.

Visit to learn more about Poppy Jasper jewelry and obtain yours today at wholesale prices. For inquiries contact Mr. Miller at [email protected]

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