British actor Philip Hulford signed to star in U.S.-made giallo vampire film

British star Philip Hulford to play dangerous, sexy vampire in new U.S. film

Producer: Philip Hulford is “dangerously sexy.”

Director Richard Douglas Jensen says Philip Hulford chosen over 1,000 actors for starring role.

Producer: Philip Hulford is “dangerously sexy.”

UNITED STATES, January 23, 2024 / — British film actor Philip Hulford has signed to star as a sexy, dangerous vampire in a new, edgy horror movie to be filmed in the United States.

The 38-year-old Hulford’s acting career has blossomed in the past decade. After appearing in minor roles in two Tom Cruise films shot in England – “The Mummy” and “Mission Impossible 7 – Dead Reckoning,” Hulford had starring roles in “The Food Taster,” directed by Alexander Emborg and “I Am Super,” directed by Rupert Charmak.

Hulford will star in Poverty Row Pictures’ “The Kiss of A Vampire.” It’s a fever dream, erotic twist on the vampire tale, in the style of the Italian giallo horror films.

The film was written by and will be produced and directed by Richard Douglas Jensen, whose last three films have won a total of 12 Best Picture awards at film festivals worldwide.

Jensen conducted auditions all over the world and Hulford was chosen over 1,000 other actors who auditioned for the role.

“We tested actors from all over Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the USA, everywhere,” Jensen said. “Giallo requires a vampire who is both sexy and terrifying. We auditioned and tested a great many actors who could manage one or other, not both.

“Then, along came Philip Hulford and we knew instantly he was our vampire.”

Executive Producer Chér Xavier said the entire production team agreed the rising British star was their vampire the very instant they saw Hulford’s screen test.

“Philip Hulford is tall, dark, immensely handsome and he has the brooding quality that makes women swoon,” Xavier said. “He reminds me of a young Sean Connery – dangerous when he’s sexy and sexy when he’s dangerous – and he has the movie star charisma you don’t see much anymore.”

Xavier said on top of Hulford’s star quality looks, he is a powerful actor. “We had so many actors audition who spent zero time thinking about the character and gave weak and bland auditions. Philip told us he spent hours working on the character before he auditioned, and it showed. He had already found the levels of emotion, the dichotomy of being both evil and alluring.”

Jensen has been in the entertainment industry for 47 years and worked in Hollywood for Universal Pictures and Warner Brothers back in the 1970s and 1980s. “I worked around some of the biggest movie stars in history, from Charlton Heston and Burt Reynolds to Burt Lancaster and Marlon Brando, and Philip Hulford has that level of star power. I can’t wait to start filming this movie. I haven’t been this excited about working with an actor in a long time. I know he’s going to slay this role and make our vampire movie a huge hit.

“The Kiss of A Vampire” begins filming in April in the southeastern United States and will be released fall 2024.

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