Book, Theory Blame Misplaced Reproductive Energy for COVID Spike in Extremism, Authoritarianism

Sex On the Wrong Brain, the book, blends theory and implications into a science fiction adventure comedy

Certainty Deficit Disorder is a symptom of sex on the wrong brain. This chart lists many of the implications resulting from the irrational need for certainty, closure.

The Certainty Deficit Disorder, major symptom of sex on the wrong brain

Book “Sex On the Wrong Brain” and website claim sexism, racism, authoritarianism are fueled by reproductive energy and can be reduced with sex education.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, February 6, 2024 / — Sex on the wrong brain, or SOWB, is presented as a paradigmatic unified theory of thought and behavior that explains thousands of years of greed, authoritarianism, patriarchy, and war, and is responsible for the mentality that now threatens Earth with global warming.

Global increases in authoritarianism and extremism have been associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“COVID-19 was a mass sex on the wrong brain event,” says author, Ard Falten. “Social distancing and lock-downs did what authoritarians always do. Whether it’s Texas or Russia, the Roman or British empires, Nazi Germany, Iran, Saudi Arabia, China, or the Taliban, the built-in reason to repress sex and control women and reproductive rights is to increase frustration and sex on the wrong brain in the men authoritarian leaders need to serve them.”

According to the theory SOWB is caused when impatient satisfaction-demanding reproductive urges are used to fuel left brain-dominant thinking that is supposed to be patient and objective.

Website describes three major symptoms:
• When reproductive energy fuels mental processes such as problem solving and logic it pushes for quick easy answers, premature conclusion, and the closure of certainty
• When reproductive energy associates with numbers, math, and measurement it wants more, bigger, faster, and that increases greed and materialism
• Since reproductive energy is diverted and used for unrelated purposes it can increase sexual dysfunction

The website points out that authoritarianism is sometimes measured with the Uncertainty Avoidance Index. It introduces the Certainty Deficit Disorder (CDD) and blames it for a wide spectrum of extreme and anti-democratic behavior motivated by an irrational need for certainty and a corresponding fear of uncertainty.

This certainty/uncertainty dynamic is used to explain authoritarianism:
• As the need for certainty and closure increases so does fear of uncertainty, change, diversity, unpredictability, and nature
• Certainty is more important than truth
• Leaders must be certain, confident, decisive, and always right and their followers interpret that as intelligence and strength
• To create certainty, authoritarian leaders and ideologies offer order and control and simplify the world into absolutes – black or white, right or wrong, good or evil – which fuels intolerance, bigotry, hate, extremism, and radicalism
• Complicated uncertainty-producing problems like global warming are denied, ignored, and simplified
• As chaos and uncertainty increase so does the value of the certitude projected by autocratic leaders and their symbols

The website claims that associating sex with punishment and guilt helps authoritarian societies establish thought patterns that divert reproductive energy to reward creation and rationalization of non-existent certainty and that can make lying, denial, and hypocrisy feel good, as well as contribute to sexual dysfunction.

Sex on the wrong brain theory:
• Suggests a broad range of evolutionary implications and possibilities for research
• Lists numerous factors that influence SOWB levels, including heredity, gender, libido, frustration, etc.
• Explains why females generally have less SOWB
• Claims SOWB can worsen with age as SOWB-based thought patterns become more established and as opportunity for real sex diminishes
• Suggests people descended from older civilizations tend to have more SOWB and may view people with less SOWB as inferior or threatening, contributing to misogyny and bigotry
• Suggests culture, social stratification, discrimination, and religion have been used to increase SOWB
• Suggests SOWB could be a trigger for violence and mental illness
• Claims SOWB explains why human ancestors evolved from 50% to 90% right handed
• Claims SOWB levels were low for 99% of human evolution but increased significantly in recent centuries in heavily populated areas as civilizations began to increase sexual repression
• Suggests there may be implications for artificial intelligence

To reach a wider audience the book and a screenplay weave the SOWB theory and implications into a science fiction adventure comedy set in a near future threatened by global warming. The book was reviewed by Simon Barrett: “Yes, I like ‘Sex On the Wrong Brain’ a lot. If you like Douglas Adams and don’t mind a few ‘smutty’ bits, you will enjoy this book.” The screenplay has been selected as a finalist in various contests.

The book Sex On the Wrong Brain is available from major online book vendors, including Amazon.

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