Award-Winning Documentary, The Great American Family, is Now Available on Amazon Prime

Winner of 9 international film awards so far, The Great American Family was recently made available on Amazon Prime and other streaming channels.

I am grateful for the global recognition this story has attained through prestigious awards and now multiple sreaming platforms, poviding people with the opportunity to witness its important message.”

— Weam Namou

STERLING HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, September 4, 2023/ — The Great American Family is a feature documentary that is based on an Eric Hoffer award-winning book with the same title. It was recently made available on Amazon Prime and other streaming channels. The story addresses a number of important issues affecting the Untied States. It raises numerous questions dealing with the U.S. Constitution, the Justice System, International Law, etc. This story serves as a cautionary tale, reminding people of the consequences when they fail to safeguard their rights as citizens.

Author and filmmaker Weam Namou was born in Baghdad, Iraq to an indigenous lineage called the Chaldeans. Two of her books have been made into films, one a feature documentary and the second, Pomegranate, a fascinating feature film.

In 2009, Dawn Hanna was sentenced to six years in federal prison, accused of conspiring to broker telecom equipment to Iraq during the sanctions. After her sentencing, two men risked their lives to tell the truth. Unbeknownst to Dawn and the jury, her co-conspirator was a CIA operative. The project was sponsored by the U.S. to listen in on Saddam Hussein and his men.

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Link to Trailer (lists all the awards)
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List of Awards / Nominees / Selections
* IndieFEST (women filmmaker category – United States)
* ImpactDOCS (feature documentary category – United States)
* Filmzen International Film Competition (Paris, France) Winner of “Critic’s Choice Award”
* Silver Screen Excellence Film Awards (Amsterdam, Holland) Winner of Excellent Film Award
* First-Time Filmmaker Lift-Off Network (Official Selection – United Kingdom)
* Castle Film and Media Awards (winner – Rome, Italy)
* Luleå International Film Festival (Sweden) Finalist
* Austin Film Arts Festival (semi-finalist)
* 2 11 17 International Film Festival (Best Feature Documentary)
* New York International Women’s Film Festival (semi-finalist)
* Indian Independent Film Festival – IIFF (Best Debut Filmmaker)
* Poombukar Independent Film Festival (Best Documentary Feature Film)
* Caravan International Film Festival (Official Selection – India)
* World Film Carnival (Official Selection – Singapore)
* Beyond Border International Film Festival (Outstanding Achievement Award – West Bengal)
* Sydney World Fest – (Official Selection – Austrial)
* San Diego International Film Awards – (Semi-Finalist – USA)
* New York International Womens Festival – (Semi-Finalist – USA)
* Hawaii International Film Award – (Semi-Finalist – USA)
* St. Louis Film Awards (Semi-Finalist – USA)
* Dallas Movie Awards Festival (Semi-Finalist – USA)
* Prague Underground Film Festival (Semi-Finalist – Czech Republic)
* Vancouver Independent Movie Maker Awards (Semi-Finalist – Canada)
* Lonely Wolf #23LWIFF (Quarter-Finalist – London, England)
* Santa Barbara International Movie Awards (Nominee – USA)

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