Autodesk® Arnold Is Now Available on Render Pool Rendering Service, Meeting Broader Needs of VFX & 3DCG Creators

Render Pool, the leading high speed rendering service, now supports Autodesk® Arnold rendering engine in addition to Blender® Cycles, AMD Radeon ProRender.

TOKYO, JAPAN, May 22, 2023/ — Morgenrot Inc. announces that Render Pool now supports Autodesk® Arnold, the standard rendering engine for Maya®, widely used by the 3DCG community. This compatibility upgrade allows Render Pool to be more accessible to users who operate across various rendering platforms.

“We are excited to announce that Render Pool now supports Autodesk® Arnold. This will enable us to better support our customers’ production needs,” said Hirotaka Inoue, CEO of Morgenrot Inc. “We will continue to expand and develop Render Pool’s renderers and functions to allow a wide variety of usage by 3DCG creators.”

Arnold for Render Pool Details:

* Supported OS: Windows, Linux, MacOS

* Render version: (other versions available upon request)

* Processor: CPU, GPU

* Input files: ASS files, TX files

* Licensing: Arnold “Multi-User License” is required to use the software

Since the release of Arnold 6 (December 10, 2019), Autodesk® requires the purchase of a multi-user license to use Arnold with a cloud rendering provider. Once said multi-user license is acquired, the Render Pool team will set up the user to start rendering. However, when rendering a large amount of data within a certain period of time, Render Pool can include the multi-user license fee in the overall rendering cost.

To begin using Arnold with Render Pool, please contact the Render Pool support team here:

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Render Pool is a service that achieves high-speed rendering by utilizing more than 1,000 servers with built-in GPUs in large-scale parallel, significantly reducing the time required for rendering that would take hours locally. No troublesome initial setup is required. After creating an account, you can immediately upload the data file to be rendered from your browser, and the service automatically performs the parallel rendering. The results can be downloaded after rendering is complete on each server. Minimize your rendering time to anyone, anytime, at any scale. Render Pool Client App with helpful automations is available to enterprise users upon request.

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