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This three-part, six-episode podcast series invites listeners to embark on a captivating exploration of a little-known chapter of the Harlem Renaissance.

HARLEM AND MOSCOW not only offers a glimpse into a forgotten chapter of history but also pays homage to the golden age of radio storytelling, captivating listeners through the power of imagination.”

— Geraldine Moriba, Senior Vice President and CCO of theGrio

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, March 6, 2024 / — Allen Media Group platform theGrio – through its Black Podcast Network – proudly presents the world premiere of its latest podcast series, HARLEM AND MOSCOW. Launching with two episodes on Monday, March 25th, this three-part, six-episode dramatic podcast series invites listeners to embark on a captivating exploration of a little-known chapter of the Harlem Renaissance, and the radically-modern African Americans who were part of it.

Set in 1932, HARLEM AND MOSCOW delves into the remarkable story of 22 Harlem Renaissance artists and activists who ventured from New York City to Moscow to undertake an ambitious film project. Among these intrepid travelers was rising star Dorothy West — a young aspiring author and actress seeking her big break and the chance to connect with legendary poet Langston Hughes. Dorothy West’s journey, intended to be a brief stint filming in Moscow, unexpectedly extends into a year-long sojourn in the Soviet Union. Through poignant recollections she shares with her mother, compelling portraits, and vibrant Moscow scenes, podcast listeners are transported across continents and time — experiencing the highs and lows, trials and triumphs, and the invaluable lessons learned along the way.

“We are thrilled to bring this must-listen cultural and historical podcast experience to audiences,” says Geraldine Moriba, Senior Vice President and Chief Content Officer of theGrio. “HARLEM AND MOSCOW not only offers a glimpse into a forgotten chapter of history but also pays homage to the golden age of radio storytelling, captivating listeners through the power of imagination and evocative narration.”

More than just a podcast, HARLEM AND MOSCOW represents a nostalgic throwback to an era when storytelling flourished through the enchanting cadence of voices, predating the advent of television. As TheGrio continues to elevate its storytelling strategy with unique narratives, this episodic dramatic series promises to captivate and inspire audiences.

Featuring an ensemble all-star cast including Grammy Award-winning J. Ivy as Langston Hughes, Evan Frazier as Dorothy West, Nancy Gilliam as Rachel West, Kyla Lacey as Helen Johnson, and Tarrey Torae as Sylvia Gardner, HARLEM AND MOSCOW was written by Alle Mims, with Regina Griffin serving as executive producer.

The three-week schedule includes:

Episode 1 “The Film”: During the height of the Harlem Renaissance, Dorothy West embarks on an eye-opening journey to Moscow to star in a film, accompanied by her mother’s curiosity and a whirlwind of unforeseen experiences awaiting her on the far side of the globe. Premieres Monday, March 25

Episode 2 “Mission to Moscow”: As Dorothy West eagerly anticipates Langston Hughes’ arrival for their voyage from Harlem to Moscow, tension and uncertainty simmer among the Harlem Renaissance artists and activists waiting aboard. A heated disagreement about sexual expectations between Dorothy West and Henry Lee Moon threatens to unravel the possibility of romance overseas. Premieres Monday, March 25

Episode 3 “When in Moscow”: As Dorothy West and her fellow Harlem Renaissance artists and activists settle into the opulent Grand Hotel in Moscow, they indulge in the lavish Soviet luxuries. The more adventurous Mildred Jones and Langston Hughes push Dorothy out of her comfort zone. However, excitement about their foreign adventure turns to skepticism when the group discovers unsettling racial ignorance from the film’s director, Carl Jungans, raising red flags for the all-Black cast. Premieres Monday, April 1

Episode 4 “Russian Reality Check”: Langston Hughes voices doubts about the script, as the film production of “Black And White” starts with a rocky first rehearsal. Dorothy West receives devastating news from home and finds solace in the unexpected support of Mildred Jones, but this newfound comfort is shattered when a surprise trip to Odessa reveals that the film production is in deeper trouble than anticipated. Premieres Monday, April 1

Episode 5 “Russian Reckoning”: As the Harlem Renaissance actors and artists downgrade from the Grand Hotel to a modest hostel in Moscow, Henry Lee Moon shares his suspicions of sabotage, and the group tests societal constraints and independence. Mildred’s dalliance with a Russian man and Langston’s companionship with a Soviet woman further unsettle Dorothy. Premieres Monday, April 8

Episode 6 “Return Home to Harlem”: Dorothy unveils her unconventional plans for the future in the series finale. In a bold move to capture Langston Hughes’ attention, she contemplates proposing marriage, prompting Louise Thompson to reveal her marital struggles to explain the complexities of loving a man like Langston. Mildred Jones further complicates things by offering to extend her stay in the Soviet Union with Dorothy, raising questions about the nature and future of their relationship. Premieres Monday, April 8

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