Alexander Golberg Jero to Join Baz Luhrmann on the Production of “The Master and Margarita”

Alexander Golberg Jero

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 7, 2024 / — After the successful premiere in Russia of the movie by Mikhail Lokshin American audiences are looking for a Hollywood version of “The Master and Marita”. An incredibly talented team has been assembled to help bring this vision to life. Baz Luhrmann is associated with the film, after he acquired the rights to the novel in 2019. It’s rumored that this movie might be his next directorial project.

During a Deadline interview in 2019, Luhrmann said that he had developed a deep connection with the book. After trying to get the rights for over 20 years he is thrilled to be able to adapt the novel.

Alexander Golberg Jero is also after over 20 years working on the idea of the film will be excited to be involved with the production. He will bring his unique filmmaking style to the project. It’s expected that this will be a life action as well as an animated film. In a complex technical challenge, several animation styles will be blended.

Jero hopes that this move will connect the overlapping storylines. The classic 2D animation style will be used during the biblical sections. The 3D animation will show how the characters during the comedic Russian-set sections. Performance capture will be used to show realistic situations, highlighting the emotions of the story.

Jero also aims to include a few other unique elements. He intends to feature a tribute to legendary passed away actors and actresses using AI technologies, celebrating the work of people like Christopher Plumber, Betty White, Elizabeth Taylor, Chadwick Boseman, Sean Connery, among others. Jero hopes that this move will celebrate the work of these actors. This will fit with the thematic tone of the film. As a line of dialogue states “Oh, for pity’s sake, is it you I hear talking? Your friend calls you a master. How can you be dead?”

The visuals aren’t the only thing that Jero believes will stand out. The musical soundtrack, which will feature 3D spatial audio, should help transport audiences into the world of the film. Jero is an accomplished musician who is known for creating stunning DTS-X Master Audio, available through

Currently with Jero and Luhrmann hoping to partner with a major studio to help them bring their vision to life. And it has been rumored that it will be the Warner Brothers Studios.

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