A Song that turns everything into gold, Introducing Midas by A.D.A.M. Music Project.

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Midas Album Cover

Midas Album Cover

A.D.A.M. Music Project live at Tower Theater in Oklahoma City, OK

A.D.A.M. Music Project live at Tower Theater in Oklahoma City, OK

A.D.A.M. Music Project releases 8th single inspired by the Midas skin on Fortnite.

Midas was a fun song to write and produce!” stated Adam DeGraide from AMP. “We really got funky with this track as Pete Mitchell from No More Kings tends to bring the funk out of AMP.”

— Adam DeGraide

FL, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — A.D.A.M. Music Project (AMP) released its 8th hard rock single on Friday, May 3, 2024, called Midas which was inspired by the Midas skin in Fortnite. Midas was written by Adam DeGraide, Dameon Aranda and Pete Mitchell. Adam DeGraide and Dameon Aranda, partners in A.D.A.M. Music Project both had a hand in producing this song. Pete Mitchell lead singer of No More Kings, brings the funk in the vocals.

A.D.A.M. Music Project (AMP) writes anthemic rock songs inspired by video game characters. They have written songs that would be classified as Rock, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Celtic Rock, Funk Rock, Hard Rock or even Metal, depending on the video game character they are writing about. The first three albums released were specifically inspired by the characters in the battle royale game APEX Legends from Electronic Arts. Some of their releases have been inspired by the likes of Kratos from God of War, Donkey Kong in It’s On Like Donkey Kong, Bowser in The Conqueror, Yoshi in That’s Me, Jill Valentine from Resident Evil in Burn It All Down, Joel from The Last of Us in She’s The Key, Cloud from Final Fantasy VII in Help Me, and Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man in Eating Ghosts. With a robust YouTube channel fans are able to immerse themselves into the music and the video game character the song was written about.

Collaboration is the basis for A.D.A.M. Music project as more than 21 artists have been a part of writing, producing, and performing the released tracks. A.D.A.M. stands for Artists Developing Astonishing Music which makes for the development of very eclectic albums as you will hear multiple singers and music styles on one album. They have collaborated with ARANDA, a rock band formed by two brothers Dameon and Gabe Aranda back in 2001. The project has also collaborated with talented singers such as Pete Mitchell with No More Kings, Lacy Saunders, Joel Driskell, Adam Aguillar, Macie Cantrell, Hartleigh Buwick, Myra Beasley, Chris Jackson from Coupe

Marra and YZMN. Beyond the vocalists many musicians have contributed to this project with their various talents such as Neil DeGraide from Dirt Poor Robins, Tyler Anderson from Coupe Marra, James Conner at Veux Studios, David LaChance Jr., Eric Gillette, Jeff Hall, Jay Gleason and Chavez Soliz.

You can check out the band live on May 10th at The Rev Room in Little Rock, AR and on May 11th at Bayou Thunder Saloon in Shreveport, LA. More dates in Southern California to come in early September.

You can check out some of the live performances of A.D.A.M. Music Project by checking out their Live Playlist on YouTube.

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