TLG Celebrates 15 Years of Engineering Excellence

TLG Aerospace Team

TLG Aerospace, LLC Celebrates 15 Years of Engineering Excellence

"Build it and they will come" is a philosophy based on the idea that if you create something great, people will gravitate to wanting to be part of it. TLG Aerospace started with a great idea and then it evolved into reality with first projects and keys to office space on Seattle's Lake Union in July of 2008. 

Last week, TLG Aerospace gathered to celebrate 15 years in business as a proud member of the aerospace industry, one of the most innovative and dynamic sectors in the world. For its founders, launching a dream place to work while remaining a recognized leader in providing engineering excellence to TLG's partners for a decade and a half has been an exciting journey requiring vision, passion, and perseverance. Consistent reliability and innovation have also required great leadership, hard work, creativity, and collaboration. Behind the exciting projects TLG is a part of is a great team of people.  

Better Together 

"After 15 years, TLG Aerospace continues to be an engineer's paradise with projects running the gamut of the aerospace industry. TLG engineers are working at the forefront to shape novel configurations and ensure their safety in operation. I can't imagine a better place to work if you're an engineer who wants to help solve the industry's most challenging problems," says Engineering Manager Allen Foulstone, who recently celebrated 10 years with TLG. 

TLG is at the forefront of working on exciting innovative projects from developing the largest aircraft in the world and designing the next generation of hypersonic vehicles to helping fight fires working on some of the largest aerial platforms to moving packages and people around the world and launching tourism to space. 

"The flight hardware I develop makes shipping logistics better, retrofits airplanes for new roles and missions, and will take us to the moon and beyond," says Miguel Ibarra, TLG's three-year stress and design team member.

Green Aviation Solutions

TLG's work has helped save 14 billion gallons of fuel, adding the most effective winglets to several platforms in collaboration with industry-leading companies including Aviation Partners, which has transformed aviation for more than 25 years with its performance-driven, fuel-saving advanced winglet technology.

And TLG's clean energy solutions don't stop there, as the company has been part of more than a half-dozen electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) projects and is providing a host of engineering support, including design and configuration for Eviation's Alice all-electric commuter aircraft. 

"What an exciting day it was to be onsite for the first all-electric test flight, which was celebrated around the globe," says Andrew McComas, Aerodynamicist, Engineering Manager, and another 10-year veteran of TLG. 

TLG is honored to be part of this amazing industry and the company is grateful to its customers, partners, suppliers, and employees for their trust and support throughout the years. TLG is proud of its achievements and contributions to the aerospace community and is excited about the future opportunities that lie ahead for TLG and for the industry. 

Closing words from Director of Engineering Robert Lind, who was the first hired TLG employee: "I'm honored to be a part of TLG's 15 years in business. From the very first day with three individuals to today with 75-plus engineers, our focus has been to support our customers with a team of talented engineers and staff. We've built core capabilities in the flight sciences, aerospace design, and structural analysis and combined them with outstanding airworthiness certification and program management capabilities. The resulting team has supported an astonishing array of programs — from the largest airplanes flying to hand-launched gliders, from space access to ground transportation, power generation, and more. We succeed by helping our customers solve their problems and move forward with their programs. 

"As a young engineer, I quickly realized the kind of programs I wanted to be part of require a talented team working together. Programs requiring not just my skills, perspective, and time, but also those of others. Here at TLG, I am part of a strong, diverse, and capable team that does amazing work each day. For 15 years, it's been a pleasure to work with this group and their ever-growing capabilities. I look forward to many more years to come."

About TLG Aerospace

TLG is an aerospace engineering services company that specializes in full vehicle analysis and optimization, including static and dynamic loads, flutter, stability and control, aerodynamic design, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis, airframe stress analysis and design, FAA certification and aircraft performance and handling qualities. Our engineers have experience with more than 100 aircraft models from more than 40 different manufacturers. 

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