UK sees country-wide shift towards Moissanite for those celebrating Mother’s Day

Moissanite emerges as a top eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift in the UK, symbolizing enduring love with Infinity Diamond Jewellery’s elegant pieces.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 4, 2024 / — The popularity of Moissanite jewellery as a gift for loved ones has grown substantially over the last few years, not least shoppers looking for a meaningful, touching gift for their mum for this year’s fast-approaching Mother’s Day.

This year, Infinity Diamond Jewellery are delighted to introduce an exceptional next-day delivery service, ensuring that the celebration of motherhood is as brilliant and memorable as the Moissanite jewels they offer. For the first time ever, Moissanite has emerged as a top choice for Mother’s Day gifts across the UK, symbolising the enduring strength and brilliance of a mother’s love.

“We’ve noticed a significant shift towards more sustainable and meaningful gifting, and we’re excited to respond with our collection of Moissanite jewellery, perfect for showing appreciation to the mothers in our lives,” says Sarah Fielding, Marketing Manager at Infinity Diamond Jewellery.

Featuring a selection of earrings, necklaces, and rings, each piece is designed to reflect the unique beauty and resilience of every mother, their caring nature, and the sacrifices they’ve made over their lives for their children.

But why is Moissanite growing in popularity so fast – and why has it been particularly popular for the more eco-conscious children this year?

Well, in short, because the stone doesn’t come with any of the detrimental effects upon the environment attached. Plus, it’s also incredibly hard to tell the difference between moissanite and diamond from the naked eye alone – but the significance of such a stunning gem, according to many shoppers, isn’t at all sacrificed.

Acknowledging the sometimes overwhelming demands of daily life, Infinity Diamond Jewellery’s next-day delivery service across the UK is a promise of convenience and assurance, ensuring that every gesture of love and appreciation is delivered in time for Mother’s Day.

“As we all strive to express our deepest feelings, our collection serves as a bridge, connecting hearts and celebrating the maternal bonds that shape our world,” adds Sarah. “This Mother’s Day, we invite you to join thousands of others in giving the beauty and durability of Moissanite a go.”

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Infinity Diamond Jewellery is a beacon of luxury in the online jewellery retail space, with roots deeply embedded in London, New York, and Dubai. Their dedication to excellence shines brightly through their extensive collection of the world’s finest moissanite jewellery, simulated diamond, and coloured gemstone pieces, all encased in an array of precious metals including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. Their global outreach ensures that their treasures are accessible worldwide, with delivery services across the UK, Europe, and beyond.

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