The Gyle London: a Surreal Hotel Born of Fiction.

The Gyle hotel “Toast” lounge

The Gyle boutique hotel designed by artist and designer Henry Chebaane, heritage Victorian building, historical London square, modern Scottish furnishing, eclectic interiors, green and silver colours

The Gyle bedroom design

The Gyle boutique hotel designed by artist and author Henry Chebaane, heritage Victorian building, historical London square

The Gyle London

The world’s first transmedia project that blends hospitality, graphic novel, music and location-based entertainment.

The Gyle is a fantastic hospitality project born out of necessity. It shows how Scripted Fiction can be used as a tool to help create an improved social and commercial reality for all.”

— Henry Chebaane, Chief Creative Officer.

LONDON, UK, May 15, 2023/ — The Gyle is a 33 keys boutique hotel, created from three historical grade II-listed houses built around 1843, located on Argyle Square in Kings Cross, London.

Argyle Square and Kings Cross have been the site of very peculiar events over the centuries. The presumed burial site of the legendary Boudicca, queen of the Iceni, an underground river, an ominous mountain of ash and bones, a musical garden accessed via steam-powered gondolas, an esoteric religious cult, a German rocket bomb, extravagant (now abandoned) plans for a futuristic airport on top of a train station, are just some of the strange but real events that have happened on this ‘forgotten’ garden square of central London.

Here, at the junction between Camden, Islington, and Bloomsbury, it appears as if “Time” could run differently for different people.

The history of the area so intrigued Henry Chebaane, the creator and designer of The Gyle, that he walked the neighbourhood for weeks, and trawled through hundreds of hours of library research to craft his design narrative for the future hotel.

The result is a hotel destination that can be experienced as a giant, immersive art installation, where guests can be both actors and spectators, and where each day is a time-lapse moment within a long-running dramatic story started around 1864. Then, the neighbourhood went through its greatest upheaval, yet. The hotel was completed in 2020, just as the pandemic struck and was mothballed for nearly two years. It has now been relaunched and has gathered a growing fan base for its unique proposition.

The Gyle interior design is an intriguing juxtaposition of steam-age heritage, whimsical details and 21st century avant-garde. Behind a classic, unassuming Victorian facade, the zany, intricate interiors deliver a rich, fully experiential world, set within a restrained palette of black, silver and greys accented by moss, fern and juniper greens.

Inside the hotel, oddities abound throughout, including “The Toast”, a resident whisky and breakfast lounge where the entire floor is a resin photograph of the sky reflected into Argyll’s Loch Fyne, and where the entire ceiling is a lawn cracked open by a giant lighting strike.

Henry Chebaane, renowned for his design and storytelling skills, did not stop there. His research on Kings Cross took him much further: to Scotland first, then across the Atlantic to Canada, and finally into the US Great Lakes region. While travelling, the author hatched the plot for his debut novel, a fantastical action thriller of pure speculative fiction and alternative history: “The Panharmonion Chronicles”.

After writing a draft as a prose novel, then a TV pilot and a feature film, he decided that a graphic novel would be the most effective way to convey this complex story, with its intricate world-building, large cast of diverse characters and multiple plot lines across time and space.

The story takes place simultaneously between two London locations: England and Ontario, and between three timelines: 2024, 1880, and 1864.

To complement the graphic novel, the author also wrote a few songs and produced electronic dance music (EDM) tracks under the alias “LX8”, the same as used by the protagonist in the book. The singles are available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, SoundCloud and most other major music platforms worldwide. A music LP compilation will be released late 2023.

Throughout his life, Henry Chebaane has been fascinated by the science of Quantum Physics and the philosophical questions arising from it. The nature and experience of “Time”, how it affects our “Identity” and “Reality” are some of the themes explored within the story of this “electro-punk” sci-fi thriller, juxtaposing the aesthetics of steampunk, cyberpunk and electronic music.

“Times of London”, the first volume of this trilogy has been illustrated by veteran comic artist Stephen Baskerville (Spider-Man, Transformers, Judge Dredd) over three years and is now being released by Supanova Media, a new publishing company set up by the author. The book reference is ISBN 978-1-7393802-0-5.

“The Panharmonion Chronicles: Times of London” is being launched at the 2023 Sci-fi London film festival and will be stocked first at The Gyle, the hotel that inspired it, The Megaro Collection, and at selected retail and bookstores in London and throughout the world. A digital version for Kindle will be announced shortly.

Note to Editors: The Gyle is part of “The Megaro Collection” and owned by St Pancras Hotels Group Ltd, a private enterprise operating hotels, bars and restaurants in King’s Cross. These are “The Megaro”, The California”, “The Gyle”, “The Derby”, “Magenta”, “Spagnoletti” and “Hokus Pokus”.

“The Panharmonion Chronicles” and related-IPs are – all rights reserved – copyrights of Supanova Media Ltd.

Supanova Media is a boutique media producer and publisher, based in London, UK.

The studio was set up in 2020 by Henry Chebaane, to create and develop original narrative content, characters and fictional universes across multiple media platforms. It is currently focussed on publishing and distributing two distinct IPs with several more at various stages of development.

The Gyle’s interior design and artistic elements related to it are – all rights reserved – copyrights of Blue Sky Hospitality ltd.

Blue Sky Hospitality is a multi-disciplinary design studio founded in 2002 by Henry Chebaane, its Chief Creative Officer. It is specialised in the creation of branded concepts for the entertainment, leisure and hospitality industries. It has consulted on over 400 projects in 40 countries, from Alaska to Korea, and from Iceland to India.

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