The Funk Odyssey from Bay Area’s Underground Producer The Five1Hero and his Friends has Arrived

Jam Sandwich. The Cover.

The Five1Hero

The Jam Van

John “The Fawn” Doe

The Unveiling Of ‘Jam Sandwich’ The New Single from The Five1Hero

ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 29, 2024 / — When it comes to the music scene, The Five1Hero may not be a household name, not yet anyway, but with the infectious grooves of his new single “Jam Sandwich” that may change. The Five1Hero, alongside a stellar lineup of friends, unveil their latest funk masterpiece – “Jam Sandwich.” This collaborative effort features the exceptional talents of:

Five1Hero: (The Executive Producer) The maestro behind the project, Five1Hero brings his creative vision to life, weaving together the beats and breaks as well as laying down a few vocals in the cut.

Franken Beans (Guitar): With strings that speak volumes, Franken Beans adds a touch of groove and flair to “Jam Sandwich.” His guitar riffs are sure to captivate and elevate the overall funkiness of the track.

John the Fawn Doe (Bass): The backbone of any funk piece, John the Fawn Doe returns on bass, laying down those deep, groovy foundations that will have you moving and grooving in no time.

Mikaylo (Horns): Enter the brass. Mikaylo’s horn arrangements bring a dynamic and lively element to “Jam Sandwich,” and tie together the track with a cohesion stronger than glue.

Disastrud (Backing Vocals): The soulful vocals of Disastrud hit you in the deepest part of your soul. Even when she is singing about a Jam Sandwich. Her contribution makes this track whole.

“I was chit chatting it up with my buddy Franken Beans one day, and he mentioned how he wanted to get back in the studio and I said, well why don’t we do something” explains The Five1Hero. “And he agreed and thought it would be cool so I let him know I was going to send him a beat and bass line and we would do a jam piece. “It was minutes later ‘Hero contacted his go to Bass shredder, John ‘the Fawn’ Doe, to lay down some extra funky bass over a couple beats The Five1Hero had manicured. A more old school boom bap style hip hop beat and a slower rock jam beat. “I had been toying around with the idea of having a ‘Jam Band’ side project for awhile and I saw this as the opportunity to create one.” Hero goes on, “Once Franken Beans sent the guitar stems, I have to say I was really really impressed with the professional recording quality and different options he sent me, and I knew I had something cool to play with here.

This all happened in August and September of 2023, and I thought the track would be done for an October release but far from it. I really wasn’t sure where to go for awhile and then hooked up with Mikaylo, a sick trumpet player who loved the track and really helped me knock it out of the park. From there I knew I needed some sweet vocals and Disastrud was my first choice, and she was on my first stand-alone single, Summer in SoCal, she agreed, and The Five1Hero Jam Band was born!”

“As far as the title and theme, I wanted to play with the word Jam since there are various solo’s on the track and just came up with the theme Jam Sandwich eventually as I was layering the talent on top of one another.“ Hero goes on.

The track, ‘Jam Sandwich’ is not a song, it is a journey through the magical realms of a Funk Rock Fusion rarely seen since the 70’s. The infectious beats and soulful instrumentation promise an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional funk music.

Get ready for The Five1Hero’s Jam Sandwich, a sonic feast that will transcend genres with a masterful blend of funk, hip hop, and rock.

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