SustainAble Exchange Launches Web3 Game ‘EnAble ALL’

EnAble ALL Rewards Socially and Environmentally Responsible Players with EnAble Tokens

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, June 3, 2024 / — SustainAble Exchange, a pioneering company dedicated to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, is thrilled to announce Invennium Corporation as its partner in launching EnAble ALL sustainable gaming platform.

This collaboration and platform will produce Web2 and Web3 games designed to inspire and reward players for their actions of social and environmental responsibility. EnAble ALL extends the mission of SustainAble Exchange by allowing member companies, organizations and brands to expand their consumer rewards and loyalty programs, and demonstrate the value of their ESG and sustainability commitments in a traceable and transparent manner.

SustainAble Exchange and EnAble ALL game plan to revolutionize the gaming landscape by integrating sustainability into its core gameplay. Players will earn EnAble Tokens through their positive actions aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). EnAble ALL promotes awareness and drives real-world impact by encouraging players to take specific actions to advance social equity, environmental stewardship and economic development.

Key Features of the EnAble All game:

1. Web2 and Web3 Integration: EnAble ALL seamlessly combines traditional and decentralized gaming elements, providing an engaging and immersive experience for players of all backgrounds.

2. Earn EnAble Tokens: Players can earn tokens by completing game challenges and taking real-world actions to advance sustainable life and planet. EnAble Tokens can be used within the game and recognized on SustainAble Exchange member supported platforms, adding tangible value to players’ efforts.

3. Impactful Gameplay: The game includes missions and quests that reflect real-world sustainability challenges, encouraging players to take meaningful actions and learn about the importance of social and environmental responsibility.

4. Community and Collaboration: EnAble ALL fosters a global community of like-minded participants who are passionate about making a positive impact. Players can collaborate, share their achievements, and support each other’s efforts in creating a more sustainable world.

5. Brand Partnerships & Sponsorship of Game Missions: SustainAble Exchange, EnAble ALL and our ecosystem of EnAble Tokens provide member organizations with a way to connect with their conscious consumers and extend the value of SustainAble Exchange business contracting, data reporting and token marketplace. By providing a gamified and entertainment experience, brands can reinforce the value of their commitments to sustainability and transparency whether for Good Health & Wellbeing, Clean Water, Responsible Consumption & Production, Clean Energy, or any other SDGs. Companies and their core brands may sponsor missions within EnAble ALL that correspond to each desired focus area.

“We are excited to partner with Invennium Corporation in announcing the launch of EnAble ALL prior to the 2024 EMA IMPACT Summit and the 2024 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity,” said Jon C. Ohrn, CEO and co-founder of SustainAble Exchange. “The EnAble ALL game represents a unique opportunity to engage a diverse audience in sustainable efforts and leverage the power of gaming to drive social and environmental change. Real world, tangible actions for change will deliver EnAble Tokens, thus players will not only enjoy a rewarding gaming experience but also contribute to a greater global cause. We are excited to discuss SustainAble Exchange and EnAble ALL with companies and the power to enhance brand value through engaging with our platform, and their customers and communities.”

Invennium’s innovative platform and expertise in gaming technology provide the perfect foundation for EnAble ALL. “Invennium and its affiliated companies of Splinterlands and Genesis League Sports have a proven track record in Web2 and Web3 games, and supporting digital assets on the blockchain. Genesis’ partnership with the Major League Soccer Players Association and fantastic Web3 games illustrate the significant brand engagement and experiences that Invennium can deliver. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Jesse and his team of developers and creators at Invennium,” as commented by Mr. Ohrn. Together, SustainAble Exchange and Invennium are committed to creating EnAble ALL and future games that are not only entertaining and engaging but also educate and empower players to take action towards a sustainable future.

“EnAble ALL is a testament to the potential of gaming as a force for good,” said Jesse Reich, CEO of Invennium. “We are proud to partner with SustainAble Exchange to bring this vision to life and offer players a meaningful way to engage in sustainable actions through gameplay.”

The initial launch of EnAble ALL is planned for mid-summer 2024 in a free-to-play, non-blockchain Web2 version. In the Web2 version, players will earn points through mission driven actions that may be sponsored by corporations, municipalities, universities, NGOs, charities, foundations and other players. The launch of the EnAble ALL free-to-play version allows consumers to learn the onboarding process and activities driving the game. EnAble ALL will shortly thereafter launch a Web3 play-to-earn version that provides participants with the ability to earn and transfer rewards through the EnAble Token ecosystem of SustainAble Exchange. The Web2 free-to-play and Web3 play-to-earn versions will continue in parallel so that players can select the platform that is most comfortable and suitable to their desired gaming experience.

For more information about EnAble ALL and the partnership between SustainAble Exchange and Invennium Corporation, please visit or contact: [email protected].

About Sustain Exchange LLC, SustainAble Exchange and EnAble Tokens

At the core of SustainAble Exchange lies the revolutionary concept of EnAble Tokens, which symbolize sustainable practices and values for people and the environment. As members generate EnAble Tokens during transactions, they contribute to the advancement of the UN SDGs (and other missions) thus creating a dynamic network of companies, organizations, municipalities and individuals committed to responsible business practices.

Key Features of SustainAble Exchange:

EnAble Tokens: Members can generate EnAble Tokens in transactions, promoting sustainability and supporting the 17 UN SDGs and in other areas

1. EnAble Tokens: Members can generate EnAble Tokens in transactions, promoting sustainability and supporting the 17 UN SDGs.

2. Network of Companies: EnAble Tokens are utilized within a network of conscientious organizations, facilitating collaboration and driving positive impact across industries.

3. Validation and Storage: EnAble Tokens are securely validated, stored, and valued within the SustainAble Exchange platform, promoting transparency and accountability.

4. Digital Wallet Integration: Member companies have the ability to integrate with a digital wallet available on consumers’ mobile devices, extending the benefits of sustainable commitments into consumer loyalty and employee benefit programs.

5. Member Portal: Corporate members record each transaction through a member portal, with the option to create digital assets representing the EnAble Tokens.


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