South Seas Announces Opening of The Clutch

The Clutch

The Clutch

The Clutch

The Clutch

The Clutch

The Clutch

The Clutch

New 12-Hole Golf Course Opens at Captiva’s South Seas

The appeal of this course at a resort like South Seas is the time available to enjoy all of the resort amenities and still take in a challenging round of quick golf.”

— South Seas General Manager, Shawn Farrell

CAPTIVA ISLAND, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 1, 2024 / — South Seas, located on Captiva Island along Florida’s Gulf Coast, announces the opening of its new 12-hole golf course, The Clutch. Presenting breathtaking coastal water and island views with world-class golf, The Clutch course is a family-friendly short course, offering a refreshing and fun-focused addition to the resort’s continued rebuilding efforts following the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian. Designed by Beau Welling, with an emphasis on playability, ease and enjoyment, The Clutch is officially open for play.

The Clutch is named after a turtle’s nest and is a walking-focused course overlooking the water along much of the course, taking an average of 60-90 minutes of quick play. Golf carts are available for an accessible game of golf. With 12 holes total, The Clutch holes are designed with individual, distinctive challenge and feature multiple routes of play to cater to golfers of every skill level, making the course a testament to modern golf design and the state of the game, especially as short courses become more popular.

“The course is positioned to be a contender for top short courses in the U.S. competing with the likes of Pinehurst and Pebble Beach,” says South Seas General Manager, Shawn Farrell. “The appeal of this course at a resort like South Seas is the time available to enjoy all of the resort amenities and still take in a challenging round of quick golf.”

The new logo for The Clutch, a turtle holding a golf flag, and overall branding is carried throughout the course with signage, holes, and merchandise. For the player who makes a whole in one, a challenge coin designed specifically for that hole will commemorate the occasion.

Exclusively available to resort guests and Captiva Club members, The Clutch features beautiful, undulating greens, creating just enough challenge for experienced golfers and novice players alike, while focusing on precision, preferred angles of play, and shot values.

The 12 holes of The Clutch are thoughtfully named after area history, landscape and wildlife that can be seen throughout the destination.

Hole 1 – The Calusa

An homage to the Native American inhabitants of Captiva Island, the Calusa or “Shell Indians” are considered the first shell collectors.

Hole 2 – Key Lime

Honoring South Seas’ early years as a Key Lime farm owned by the Chadwick Family. They created a salt-resistant lime named the Chad Lime and became the world’s biggest supplier of the fruit.

Hole 3 – Mariner

Named in honor of the beloved hotel ownership group, Mariner Group, who undertook the most substantial development of South Seas, making it an expansive resort and cherished destination in the early 1970s.

Hole 4 – Heron

With multiple species of Heron calling South Seas home, they can be found near freshwater and coastal areas – making the island a birder paradise.

Hole 5 – The Vow

South Seas and Captiva is a long-favored location for wedding vows. With views of the wedding venue, players can be humorously reminded of the synergies between the game of golf and marriage – thrilling and glorious, yet sometimes difficult and challenging.

Hole 6 – Osprey

On this hole, look up to see a large osprey platform adjacent to the green. Osprey prefer a “room with a view” and will return year-after-year to the same platform for mating and during migration.

Hole 7 – Redfish

Named after the prized sport fish, the Redfish (or Red Drum) and hole run along the channel pass.

Hole 8 – Junonia

Named after the “unicorn” of shells – Junonia shells can be found on the island and are known for their beauty and apparent rarity – a coveted prize for collectors.

Hole 9A – Hawksbill

An ode to this short hole and the smaller of the sea turtles inhabiting Captiva, their distinguishing unique beak-like mouth is perfect for finding food sources in cracks and crevices.

Hole 9B – Loggerhead

Named for the Loggerhead turtle, this species of sea turtles is the most abundant in the United States and is recognizable by its large head.

Hole 10 – Egret

South Seas is home to several species of Egrets. They typically stand still, wade in shallow water, and watch for unsuspecting prey (or golf balls on the green!) to pass by.

Hole 11 – Snook

Snook are prized as game fish, renowned for their great fighting capability. They can be found along the beaches of Captiva.

Hole 12 – Manatee

Fondly referred to as “sea cows”, these gentle and slow-moving animals swim below the surface of the water and when active, come up to breathe every few minutes. Watch the manatees swim and play along the fairway and green – a grand finale to your round.

Only 45 minutes, yet a world away, Captiva Island is connected to Florida’s mainland via Sanibel Causeway and a small bridge over Blind Pass, joining it to Sanibel Island. Tucked away at the northern end of the five-mile long, one-half-mile wide Captiva Island, South Seas is between Pine Island Sound and the Gulf of Mexico, ensconced by two-and-a-half miles of powder-white beaches lapped by turquoise tides.

For more information, visit or call (800) 237-6000. To follow along on social media, visit Facebook at @SouthSeasResort, Instagram at @SouthSeasResort or X at @SSIslandResort.

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