Random Media Proudly Celebrates Ambitious Indie Filmmaking Announcing the Streaming Debut of PART-TIME KILLER

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STANDARD DEFINITION FILMS’ Breakthrough Dark Comedy – Available to RENT or OWN – Beginning April 9, 2024.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 9, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Industry leader Random Media is proud to showcase indie filmmaking at its most ambitious, with the VOD streaming release of breakthrough creators Standard Definition Films’ dark dramatic comedy, PART-TIME KILLER, releasing wide on all major TVOD platforms, to rental or buy, beginning April 9, 2024.

Made in under three months for less than $2,000 as the Austin, Texas production company’s first feature, PART-TIME KILLER is a blistering achievement of DIY filmmaking, a violently stylish and gleefully amoral dark comedy that features a trans heroine, Melody, saddled in a dead-end job, struggling to get by while continuing to find the money to transition. With joining the gig economy and part-time work her only option, Melody unknowingly stumbles onto and downloads an app that pays disproportionately big money. After solving her financial problems by reluctantly becoming a successful gig-assassin, she soon finds out she’s not alone, having drawn the attention of a competing criminal corporation.

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Jd8KS2hNqo

Directed by BJ Turner III, and starring Valeria Turner as Melody Rose, Diana Sexton as Mariah Bloodfeather and Dallas Gossett as Darius King, PART-TIME KILLER’s story is based on director BJ Turner III and star Valeria Turner’s real-life experience working in telephone call centers. Hilariously lampooning modern American capitalism, work/grind culture, and the gig-economy through its relentless satiric comedy, featuring dark humor, slow-motion gunfights, and killer mimes, the film was darling of Indie film festivals, being voted South Texas Underground Film Festival’s ‘Spirit of Stuff’ Award and was awarded ‘Best Comedy’ at the Bare Bones International Film Fest, with Director BJ Turner III lauded there as ‘Indie Auteur of the Year. ‘

LOGLINE: Unable to pay her bills, a trans woman downloads an app that crowdsources assassins.

SHORT SYNOPSIS: While struggling to make ends meet, a trans woman downloads an app and becomes a gig-economy assassin, accidentally drawing the attention of a competing criminal corporation.

FULL SYNOPSIS: Stuck in a dead-end job at a call center, Melody can barely pay her bills, much less cover the cost of her transition. Desperate for cash, she downloads instaKILL, an app that crowdsources assassins, and begins her bloody road to fortune. But when one of her targets turns out to be an important member of a criminal corporation, she unwittingly sets off a chain-reaction of vengeance-fueled carnage.


Released By/Studio: Random Media

Director: BJ Turner III

Writers: BJ Turner III, Valeria Turner, Samuel Sexton Huntley, Diana Sexton

Producers: Samuel Sexton Huntley

Starring: Val Turner, Diana Sexton, Dallas Gossett, Samuel Sexton Huntley, BJ Turner III

Running Time: 91 Minutes

Language: English

Genre: Action/Adventure, Comedy

Rating: TV-MA

Availability/Price: varies by streaming platform (Amazon, GooglePlay, etc.)

About Random Media:

Random Media is a content company that acquires and distributes films on a worldwide basis through movie theaters, digital platforms, and cable, satellite, and television networks and in conventional brick and mortar retailers. Random Media is known for its commitment to building strong, supportive relationships with its filmmakers. The companies’ growing library includes such acclaimed films as Hoaxed, Frank vs. God, House by the Lake and Iron Brothers.



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TRAILER: Part-Time Killer

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