Pixel Noir: Award-winning JRPG by SWDTech Games launches on PC on February 8, 2024

Featuring music by Hiroki Kikuta, the highly-anticipated turn-based detective RPG is launching on Steam

We designed the game around the premise of what a SNES JRPG based in Midgar would look like with a gritty, noir twist, and we can’t wait for players to experience the story and world we’ve built.”

— Kunal Majmudar, Co-Founder of SWDTech Games

SOUTHAMPTON, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, January 24, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Untangle a gripping conspiracy by searching for clues to expose the dark underside of the city with the release of SWDTech Games’ new detective JRPG, Pixel Noir.

As a rookie detective, players investigate the strange happenings & curious cases of Pinnacle City. Gamers can indulge their noir impulses as they put the screws to prime suspects, fight through a gangland turf war, and maybe even get double-crossed by a mysterious woman from the past.

“With the launch of Pixel Noir, we’re taking our first step to deliver JRPGs tailored to adults while still honoring our roots from games like Chrono Trigger, Shadowrun, & Earthbound,” explains SWDTech Games Co-Founder Kunal Majmudar. “We designed the game around the premise of ‘what a SNES JRPG based in Midgar would look like with a gritty, noir twist, and we can’t wait for players to experience the story and world we’ve built.”

Players take to the streets of Pinnacle City and explore its wretched core, thriving with grifters as they collect clues using investigation skills to find items and crack cases.

Meander through dark alleys to discover shops and black markets for helpful items and customizable weapons to fit any play style.

Players can tune up their gear to confront gangs, thugs, and vile scum in classic turn-based combat using timed hits and timed blocks, or partner with teammates to unleash devastating combo assaults.

Trailing the footsteps of the golden SNES era of RPGs, Pixel Noir combines well-crafted dialogue and storytelling of film noir with classic turn-based elements, packaged with a unique pixel art style any retro or noir enthusiast would appreciate.

Main Features

Explore Pinnacle City’s seedy streets, dark alleys, and damp sewers.

Solve a variety of mysteries and cases on the side.

Use investigation mode to reveal helpful items and important clues.

Tune up, upgrade, and customize weapons to fit any strategy or play style.

Fight in turn-based combat using timed blocks, hits, and devastating combos.

Press Kit

For more information on Pixel Noir, including press demo requests, visit https://www.swdtechgames.com/pn/press

About Pixel Noir

Pixel Noir (https://store.steampowered.com/app/754320/Pixel_Noir/) is a turn-based, detective JRPG game for PC. Unearth Pinnacle City’s deepest secret and save your sanity by solving various cases, from missing pets to murder investigations, using your hard-earned detective skills. Explore, collect information, find items, and customize weapons needed to survive crime-ridden streets and solve the dark conspiracy slowly rotting the city’s core. After launch, plans to support the game further will range from QoL features to other updates.

About SWDTech Games

Consisting of a team of experienced and resourceful nerds with a deep love of classic RPGs, SWDTech Games debuts their first title, “Pixel Noir.” Since their game’s Kickstarter campaign surpassed their goal by 200+%, they continued to gain praise, and the game received multiple awards for its soundtrack while being developed.


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