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Unleashing the essence of photography

Unleashing the essence of photography

Global photography market

Global photography market

Some Of The Biggest Names In Photography Reveal Threats, Opportunities And Predictions For New Year

This important and extensive new report shows how flexibility, plus a willingness to adapt and embrace emerging markets and technologies, is key to the future of photography.”

— Irfan Arshad

ALBANY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2023 / —

Photography has played a significant role in shaping our visual culture and preserving moments throughout history. From its humble beginnings as a novel experiment, to the widely accessible digital era, the evolution of photography has witnessed countless advancements, pioneers, and transformative moments.

The history of photography is a fascinating journey seeing countless innovations, pioneers, and ever-changing societal influences. From origins as a scientific curiosity to its current ubiquity, photography continues to evolve and shape the way we see and understand the world. As we venture into the future, it is important to recognise both the threats and opportunities that lie ahead in this ever-evolving medium.

With this in mind, a major new report has just been released with contributions from more than 40 of the world’s leading photographers, plus a detailed study of important industry trends and statistics.

The report was commissioned by, a thriving online community with hundreds of inspiring worldwide photographers, providing premium photography courses and challenges.

Unsurprisingly, the ubiquitous rise of Artificial Intelligence, (AI), is top of mind, and troubling to many professional and amateur photographers the world over. Leading German wildlife photographer Christian Brockes says, “AI will have a great impact on creative agencies in 2024, and many of them are already using AI-imagery. We will have to see how this may ultimately threaten the jobs of photographers.”

New York’s famous headshot photographer John Ricard agrees. “I can only imagine AI will get even better with every passing month, and it is just a matter of time before it is hurting the livelihoods of photographers.”

But portrait photographer and podcast host Taya Iv is more optimistic. “Like any big change, AI will have a significant impact and most people I know are not happy. But I don’t believe AI will lead to the end of photography as we know it today.”

And award-winning Luana Seu from Romania is even more keen on the opportunities AI offers “I use it all the time, especially new features that can generate almost anything, in such wonderful and accurate ways.”

The 40+ photography masters answered a wide range of questions, giving their insights and predictions for the year ahead. The speed of technological change is breathtaking, and opens a myriad of potential opportunities, challenges and threats.

But while AI, AR, NFT’s, Drones, 360-degree and mirrorless camera photography are all expected to thrive in the New Year, today’s photographic leaders point to more basic but essential skills to master.

Brazil-born architectural photographer Joas Souza now lives in London. “To me, the biggest challenge is rising competition and market saturation. To overcome this challenge, we must focus on developing effective marketing strategies and cultivate closer relationships with clients.” Website designer Alex Vita says, “Environmental photography is on my watchlist for 2024, to help shed more light on local and worldwide climate issues.”

Fine-art and portrait photographer Federica Nardese says she predicts a return to more traditional forms of photography. “Personally, I’m pleased to witness a return to less retouched portraits, embracing our natural image and true selves, free from excessive editing or artificial enhancements.”

The Global Photography Market is dominated by the U.S, (45%) Western Europe, (25%) and the Asia Pacific, (20%.) Growth is forecast to increase by 4.4%, from almost $110 Billion in 2022, to nearly $162 Billion in 2030. Over the next decade, there will be almost 14,000 annual professional photography opportunities, with the best incomes being made in Germany, America, Canada and Australia.

Drone and pet photography is rising fast, and social media is responsible for healthy increases in food, street and underwater photography. Photo shoots and session fees account for 60% of photography revenue, with Canon and Sony enjoying more than 70% of the camera market.

In conclusion, Irfan Arshad, marketing manager at says “This important and extensive new report shows how flexibility, plus a willingness to adapt and embrace emerging markets and technologies, is key to the future of photography.”

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