PawCode Unveils the AirLeash: Pioneering Pet Freedom Through an Innovative Fusion of Safety, Technology, and Bonding

Smart AI Keeping Bolting & Bursting in Check

Pet Training Support: Beepers, vibrations, and humane training methods incorporated seamlessly.

Keep your furry pal in sight with the easy-to-use PawCode AirLeash app. A simple click reveals their location

PawCode AirLeash simplifies pet training from soft beeps to mild vibrations and snuggy strap tension.

Smart Positioning and Anti-Loss Features: GPS, 4G, and UWB technologies for real-time pet tracking.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, February 2, 2024 / — PawCode, a leading innovator in pet technology, proudly introduces its latest innovation, the AirLeash. This revolutionary pet safety device combines freedom and security, offering pet owners peace of mind while fostering a stronger bond with their furry companions.

The AirLeash, designed for comfort, allows pets to explore within predefined boundaries without constraints. Its adaptable and lightweight design ensures suitability for pets of all sizes. What sets the AirLeash apart is its cutting-edge technology that enables real-time tracking and customizable zones, giving pet owners complete control over their pet’s movements.

Beyond its primary focus on pet safety, the AirLeash also serves as an invaluable training tool. By defining boundaries and receiving alerts for any deviations, pet owners not only ensure their pets’ safety but also contribute to their training and behavioral development.

The AirLeash is integrated with a user-friendly mobile app and remote control, providing real-time pet tracking through advanced GPS, 4G, and UWB technologies. This guarantees pet owners the ability to track their pets’ locations at all times. PawCode’s CEO emphasizes the company’s commitment to strengthening the human-pet relationship while prioritizing the well-being of pets.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the AirLeash, a transformative device that seamlessly integrates safety, technology, and training. At PawCode, our aim is to create products that enhance pets’ lives and their connection with their owners. With the AirLeash, our goal is to empower pet owners to provide freedom while ensuring their pets’ safety and fostering a deeper connection,” stated the CEO of PawCode.

The PawCode AirLeash appeals to various audiences, including new pet owners, families with young children, caregivers of senior pets, pet retailers, outdoor enthusiasts with pets, pet care facilities, and pet trainers.

For more information, please visit the PawCode Global website. Stay tuned for the upcoming crowdfunding campaign on INDIEGOGO.

About PawCode:

PawCode is a pioneer in pet technology, dedicated to innovating products that strengthen the bond between humans and their beloved pets. Emphasizing safety, convenience, and effective communication, PawCode continuously strives to provide unparalleled solutions for pet owners.

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