Own voice YA novel tackles themes of trauma, grief, forgiveness and confronting one’s past

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO, UNITED STATES, May 4, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Cinnabar Moth Publishing announces the publication of Imaginary Friends by Chad Musick. The lives of two high school children are forever changed when a set of doors leading to a magical library arrives. Ivy is a wheelchair user and orphan living in Alaska, supporting herself by writing term papers for college students and trying to stay off of social services’ radar. Himitsu lives with his grandmother and has not left the house since his grandfather’s suicide. Both Ivy and Himitsu live in a solitary world in which their only friends are imaginary. Ivy talks to the animals in the mural painted on her wall, and Himitsu only talks to his electronic friend, Moe.

Ivy enters the library to gain new knowledge. Himitsu enters the library because of the promise that the library can bring back the dead. Himitu’s father committed suicide and Himitsu hopes the library can bring him back. Once inside, the two are trapped and the only escape is to fulfill the strange and dangerous requests of the librarian.

As we follow along with their journeys, each task assigned by the librarian reveals information about Ivy and Himitsu’s pasts, their connection with each other, and the library. Through their exploration of history and literature, the pair learn about overcoming injustice, embracing found family, and knowing their own worth. Ivy is able to forgive the people who caused the car accident that killed her parents and Himitsu is able to accept his father’s death and move on.

Chad Musick is a disabled nonbinary writer, educator, and executive who was raised in Alaska and now lives in Japan. Chad drew on their own life experiences with disability and identity as well as those of the students they’ve taught to bring Ivy and Himitsu to life. Chad’s debut novel Not My Ruckus was a Montaigne Medal Finalist and Eric Hoffer First Runner-up in the general fiction category.

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