Onetaskbox Introduces Innovative Shoebox Tasks to Foster Independence and Participation in Daily Life

New company empowers individuals with autism or in rehabilitation with playful learning resources.

TILBURG, TILBURG, NETHERLANDS, February 8, 2024 / — Onetaskbox, a pioneer in developing tools for enhancing independence and self-reliance, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative Shoebox Tasks. Designed to promote cognitive, social, and motor skills, these activities provide a playful and accessible approach to skill development for individuals on the autism spectrum and those undergoing rehabilitation.

Michel Geraedts, the founder of Onetaskbox, expressed his vision for the project, saying, “Make contact with people who exhibit complex behavior and help them further in their development. That’s why I developed Onetaskbox. It makes me proud to know that people work with Onetaskbox on a daily basis.”

Onetaskbox’s Shoebox Tasks are tailored to the principles of the TEACCH Method, a globally recognized approach aimed at fostering independence and increasing participation in daily life for individuals with autism. The tasks, crafted from durable and sustainable plastic, prioritize safety, hygiene, uniformity, and clarity. These materials are thoroughly tested and carry the CE mark, ensuring quality and adherence to standards.

The TEACCH Method, which emphasizes structured and clear activities, is known for its effectiveness in helping individuals with autism relax, learn, communicate, and function in their daily lives. Onetaskbox’s Shoebox Tasks align seamlessly with this method, offering a diverse selection of over thirty engaging and challenging task boxes.

According to Onetaskbox ordering and receiving the Shoe Box Task is designed to be a smooth and stress-free experience. Some highlights include:

* 30-day exchange policy.

* 2-year warranty on all Shoebox Task units.

* Prompt delivery for orders placed today.

*Crafted by individuals facing employment barriers.

* Commitment to sustainability and responsibility.

Join the exciting new company inin fostering better participation in daily life through innovative and purposeful learning experiences.

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