NYC Divorce Lawyer Releases An Article About Spouses Cheating With Work Colleagues During The Holiday Season

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Val Kleyman, Esq., a NYC divorce lawyer, cautions about signs that a spouse may be cheating during the holiday season.

The stress of being around family for extended periods of time or having holiday-related fights with your partner can heighten stress levels and raise tensions.”

— Val Kleyman

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 23, 2023 / — Val Kleyman, a NYC divorce lawyer of the Kleyman Domestic Relations Law Firm, released and article titled “Cheating And Holiday Parties Are A Perfect Match” offering valuable insight about infidelity during the holiday season. The piece aims to shed light on the strong correlation between the high rate of cheating that happens around work holiday parties.

The article notes that most company holiday parties do not come with a plus one invitation for a workers partner to join and how the absence of one’s partner coupled with alcohol can take innocent flirtation to something more.

“Let’s face it, if someone is in the office everyday with their colleagues, presenting their best selves, taking lunches together as well as regular coffee breaks, the tension can build up throughout the year and finally explode with an end of the year party, especially when there’s alcohol involved ” said Kleyman.

According to Kleyman’s article, the term “work wife/husband” has also become increasingly more popular. This term refers to the relationship between coworkers that has a similar bond to those of a marriage. Kleyman argues that while of course there are work relationships that can stay strictly a friendship, it doesn’t always work out that way. “Relationships progress over time, and when you work with the same person for a long time it’s hard for the relationship to not progress to a greater closeness.”

The piece further explores what it is about the holiday season that prompts more people to cheat. According to Val Kleyman, a top NYC divorce lawyer, “it could just be the opportunity to do so since some jobs get busier around the holidays which prompts more hours at work or increased stress.”

The article further goes to say that while the holidays are often known for being a happy time for families, it also can be a time of great stress financially or personally. “The stress of being around family for extended periods of time or having holiday-related fights with your partner can heighten stress levels and raise tensions. This can lead someone to fantasize about an escape from the stress and lead to seeking solace outside of their relationship. Given this, it may not take much for a person to cheat on their spouse with a close colleague after a few rounds of drinks” says Kleyman.

As one of the top NYC divorce lawyers, Val Kleyman says to look out for the following signs that could indicate an affair:

1) Dressing up more than usual for work. The workplace is where a person is usually presenting their best selves. Spending unusual amount of time on hair or makeup, dressing nice and playing up charisma may be signs that a partner may be trying to impress a colleague.

2) Working late or attending more work events. Spending more time at work can be a sign that someone else is in the picture. Nobody wants to work longer hours than they must, but, if there is someone there to make it more enjoyable than it could be a sign a relationship is budding.

3) Suddenly stopping to share news or talk about a colleague from work can be a huge red flag to look for. The moment that a friendship or work-relationship goes from friendly to romantic is the moment a partner will stop talking about the colleague. This is because there is a risk mentioning this person’s name can raise suspicion.

4) Being less open with electronics can be a sign of infidelity. This can range from secretly texting under the table to changing passwords. If a partner has changed their password to their phone or tablet, it can mean trouble in the relationship. Additionally, if a partner is on their phone more than usual it could be because they are interacting with someone they shouldn’t be.

According to the article written by NYC divorce lawyer, Val Kleyman, holidays are a great time to celebrate with colleagues and friends, but they also can lead to one time or more prominent romantic affairs that can negatively impact or fully destroy meaningful marriages and relationships.

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