New “Recycling Center Simulator” from Balas Games, From Trash To Fortune

New Job Simulator Game “Recycling Center Simulator”

İSTANBUL ANADOLU, MALTEPE, TüRKIYE, April 22, 2024 / — In “Recycling Center Simulator” you will no longer just collect garbage to clean it up, you will earn money from it!

Short Description

“Recycling Center Simulator” is a business simulator game in the first person view. Player can sort and recycle the garbage, which until now players have only collected for cleaning, and turn it into saleable raw materials. They can even use these raw materials to create brand new and more valuable products. The goal of the game is simple, collect undervalued garbage and make a fortune from it.

Game Features

– Bargain with customers whose are selling their garbage to buy it cheaper

– Collect garbage from various places such as homes, factories, workshops and load it into to truck

– Sort and prepare gargabe such as wood, glass, metal, paper and plastic for production

– Recycle different products in different machines

– Buy machines with 3 different levels and produce more valuable raw materials

– Create final products by combining different raw materials

– Sell products to customers and purchase new machines and expand recycling center with the money

Release Date : Q3 2024

Supporting Languages : English, French, İtalian, German, Castilian Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Hungarian, Portuguese – Portugal, Russian, Czech, Swedish, Turkish

About Balas Games

Balas Games, consisting of a team of 5 people, was founded in 2021, and as a 3-year old game studio, it is preparing its first PC game after working with various major publishers for 2 years in the Hyper Causal Genre.

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Recycling Center Simulator Trailer

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