FYSV is Helping Thousands of People to Determine the Value of Stamps

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FYSV is a service that helps people to determine the value of stamps with the AI-powered engine.

NEW YORK, USA, April 19, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — FindYourStampsValue (FYSV, LLC) is an online platform for the identification and valuation of postage stamps using AI-powered technologies. Recently, FYSV team has summed up its results over the year 2023. As a whole, the number of users has increased by 15% compared to 2022. Moreover, the users’ number of search inquiries and the time spent on the website have increased by 30%, which illustrates a deeper involvement.

In total, the service users have made 30+ mln search requests, 10 mln of which were original text inquiries, and 500 thousand were searches by image. On average, the website receives 1 inquiry per second. But all records were broken on November, 2nd, 2023 — 120 searches per second. However, the website engine based on an elastic search mechanism was able to endure such a load.

Here are the top 5 stamps most frequently searched on FYSV.

1. The USA: stamps from the 1920-1970s

2. Great Britain: stamps from the 1900s

3. Canada: stamps from 1950-1970s

4. Australia: stamps from 1950-1970s

5. Germany: stamps from different historical periods and its different German states.

Now FYSV is going forward and has different perspective ideas. For instance, the project aims to create mass processing of stamps so that anyone can immediately photograph many of them and learn their cost at once. Another feature that is going to be implemented is the recognition of objects depicted and some symbols on stamps, using the AI engine.

FYSV helps both experienced philatelists with a big collection and people who have suddenly found an old stamp. Anyone will be able to know the price of the stamp, and its history behind.


FindYourStampsValue (FYSV) is a service that uses the mechanism of visual search recognition to get stamps identified and determine their potential price in the philatelic market. Its technology is able to provide a fast text search according to annotations made to stamps, like different inscriptions (even in foreign languages), various hieroglyphs and gothic fonts, images, persons on stamps, scenes etc. The project started in 2001, now FYSV helps thousands of people around the world to determine the price of the stamp and find the hidden gems in their collections. This service is used by ordinary people without any experience in philately, as well as novice collectors and enthusiasts. Professional collectors also appreciate FYSV because of its convenience and high performance.

For more information, please visit findyourstampsvalue.com.

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