Explore Authors Magazine releases its recommended list of hot new books to read this summer

Castling: The Call by J.M. Valentine

Beanstalker by Edward Kenny

Beanstalker by Edward Kenny

Wizards of the Mound by Ray Clifford Martinez, II

Wizards of the Mound by Ray Clifford Martinez, II

Time to escape and bask in the warm weather with a great book. Check out Explore Authors Magazine’s list of amazing hot new books to read this summer.

Explore thrilling suspense, exciting fantasy novels, bone-chilling horror, and enriching nonfiction, and children’s books on Explore Authors Magazine’s list of hot new books to read this summer.”

— Explore Authors Magazine

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 7, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Death by Distraction: The Purpose and Derailment of Humankind by Ryann Van Tine takes an informative look at destructive and manipulative patterns behind social media and other distractions that harm humankind, and how to break the cycle. Memento Publishing, 978-1778353215

For Kids’ Sake, Be Great! How Caregivers Create Positive Environments in Separate Homes Howard Lee Brockhouse writes an exemplary guide that helps both children and parents emotionally navigate a post-divorce family. Brockhouse Media, LLC, 979-8990436503

A she-wolf’s life is turned upside down when she becomes the first of her pack in generations to receive the gift of an ancient calling in Castling: The Call by J.M. Valentine. This omega-verse (fiction from the alpha-beta-omega wolves subgenre) is sure to delight fans of this supernatural genre. Kreature of Habit, 979-8990246201

Wizards of the Mound by Ray Clifford Martinez II is a thrilling fantasy novel about an estranged mage/teacher for a powerful wizard academy who is forced to return to campus to solve the mysterious death or possible murder of his former mentor. A worthy read. HypnoToad Books 979-8-9903341-0-6

A sixteen year-old is delivered to the airport by his parents marking the beginning of his odyssey across Mexico in the 1960s where he discovers himself in the gripping memoir, Troubled Traveler by John Gernandt . Milpas Press, 979-8218403737

James E. Larson’s hilariously “punny” book, Pundemonium! Vol. 6 joins Pundemonium! Vol. 1 – 5 with a litany of hysterical new “dad jokes,” available now. Lefse Press, 979-8987439289

In Deathless by Shayn Fite, a world overrun by bloodthirsty creatures rein supreme in a post-apocalyptic future. Humanity’s only glimmer of hope is a young man in search of a champion in this thrilling sci-fi fantasy. Lost Tracks Publishing, 979-8218396725

The Tangled Web by Cheryl Corriveau follows a widow who is reinstated into the FBI while tracking the man she once loved across the globe in this exciting international spy thriller. Endless Endeavors Publishing, 979-8-9872331-0-8

Perceptions of You by Alexis Nicole A wonderful collection of short stories A wonderful collection of short stories and poetry that weaves a tale of mental health and how to live with it. Silverarcher Publishing, 979-8218418885

Mr. Palm by Janice Florence, children learn the importance of each finger in the cheerful and inquisitive story. Phive Star Books, 979-8990619203

Dragon Love, Kathleen and Tom Stark is an adorably illustrated book about a hungry infant dragon wondering where his friends and family are. Srsti Publishing, 979-8990022706

Beanstalker by Edward Kenny reimagines Jack and the Beanstalk in this beautifully illustrated play. Bluebird Publishing, 979-8985998726

When You See a Cardinal by Elizabeth Newberry, explores the colorful world of cardinals in this heartwarming children’s book. These feathered friends bring comfort and joy, when missing someone dear. Sweeter Than Solitude Press, 979-8218393069

In this beautifully written must-read, A Million Miles from Yesterday by Maureen Connolly, disparate cultures collide when a grieving doctor relives a personal tragedy after he is unable to save a woman from a fire in this riveting tale. Slainte, 979-8869224033

In The Devil Catches Butterflies by Reese T. Lightfoot, A struggling writer and copyeditor in New York finds herself in a struggle for survival in a world unlike her own in this exciting supernatural thriller. Night Scribe Media, 979-8218367015

Acclaimed composer and award-winning music artist Jim Wilson releases Tuned In – Memoirs of a Piano Man: Behind the Scenes with Music Legends and Finding the Artist Within. Kirkus Reviews writes, “Wilson’s memoir chronicles an aspiring artist’s life in the music industry.” Willow Bay Media, 979-8989538416, 979-8989538409

The myth of Medromeda by Lore Wren explores the life of Medusa before she became the feared monster that turns men to stone in this enthralling take on the famed Greek mythological tale. Brillant. Wordlark Publishing, 979-8-9903427-0-5

A cat with heightened sensibilities protects humans through powers and unconditional love in Infinity Tales by M.C. Ryder. In M.C. Ryder’s “The Darkened Enchantment,” a firefighter with a vampire mom and werewolf dad meets a shy part-time gardener. After tragedy strikes, the women forge a bond despite differences. When their worlds collide, will love win? MEC Publishing, 979-8-9885074-4-4 and 979-8-9885074-2-0

A gripping memoir about a man’s life as the son of a pastor in the Bible Belt of Tennessee, in Things I Never Told My Father Growing Up Gay as a Preacher’s Son by Jeffrey L Carrier. Anson Breck Publishing, 979-8990311701

A popular freelance shutterbug’s life takes a thrilling turn when she meets a fiery professor and art appraiser after her father dies, leaving behind an expensive art collection with clues to a secret treasure in The Philanthrope and the Appraiser by Amelia Paramour.

A man from Albania who has built a great life for himself and his wife in America, becomes disillusioned, eventually exploring the meaning of freedom, Saga Across the Atlantic by Shefqet Meko Arbjon Press, 979-8218398927

In the 1960s, a beautiful French woman and a Nigerian P.O.W. become embroiled in a passionate affair, face plotting his escape among many other obstacles in Love in the Heat of War by Ukachi Uwadinobi Benandor. Books, 979-8990127104

The friendship between a single man and his best friend, a woman, is tested after they both fall for the same guy in The Last Single Couple in America, by Martin Sacchetti, an insightful slice-of-life about friendship and romance. Libro Origini Publishing, 979-8218341213

The Hot Dog Diaries: Stories from Morgantown’s Oldest and Most Beloved Neighborhood Bar by Al Bonner and Jim Antonini shares humorous stories from Morgantown’s Oldest Neighborhood Bar. Pump Fake Press, 9798218410339

Five characters go through the ups(flowers) and downs(funerals) of life in this captivating character-driven, slice-of-life, Flowers at Funerals by Nancy Reaume. Beautiful Nightmare, 979-8990720008

Vaxxed by T.C. Grantham, in a dystopian society amid a worldwide pandemic, a pair of teens grow closer while resisting a vaccine with troubling consequences in this intriguing and exciting YA novel.

Imperfectly Perfect by K.G. Miles follows the life of a recently divorced woman coming into her own in this captivating slice-of-life set on the ocean in Cape Cod. Pretty Mama Cares Publishing, 979-8-9900887-0-2

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