Entrepreneurs Drive Excitement from Brick and Mortar Retailers with Unique Products and Brands

Children love the magical world inside the Christmas Tree Tent.

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New entrepreneurs buck the online trend and launch to physical retailers with innovative products developed in unique product incubator.

This is the best thing in the Market. Why isn’t it in the window? I’ve never seen anything like it and my customers will love it.”

— Retail Buyer upon seeing the Christmas Tree Tent

ATLANTA, GA, USA, January 25, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — AtlantaSmart Market Week witnessed a showcase of innovation as three exceptional entrepreneurs unveiled their distinctive products and brands, exciting Retailers with never-before-seen, and highly desired, new products.

In a landscape where online sales have dominated the headlines; these entrepreneurs have bucked the trend and achieved remarkable success and profitability through traditional brick-and-mortar stores. They’ve embraced the wisdom of marketing guru Seth Godin, who advises that in a world filled with brown cows, one should aspire to be a purple cow.

Ana-Marie Dinu, hailing from Quebec, Canada, introduced the captivating “Magical Underland Christmas Tree Tent.” From the outside, it resembles a typical Christmas tree, standing nearly 6 feet tall. However, a small, draped doorway at the base leads children into an enchanted world beneath the tree. Inside, they are immersed in a magical realm of changing colors and lights, synchronized with the melodious tunes of Christmas Carols.

Steve McCaslin, a native of Kansas, and his daughter Janea Early, unveiled “Grow Rock,” a product harnessing the cutting-edge technology of electroculture. This aesthetically pleasing stone is designed to sit within houseplants.

Equipped with a solar cell, it sends microcurrents into the soil, resulting in accelerated plant growth without the need for chemicals or fertilizer.

Conor Brennan, all the way from Australia, found inspiration in the past for “Tidy Treasures.” These handcrafted wooden wall displays are tailored for cast iron cars like Matchbox and Hot Wheels. Each display is a beautiful wooden creation resembling a truck or trailer, invoking a sense of nostalgia while assisting children in organizing their toy car collections. Retailers are enamored with how these car displays align with the growing trend for natural wood products, while parents appreciate their intricate and charming designs.

All three entrepreneurs are proud members of the Product Development Incubator, a program dedicated to guiding entrepreneurs through their entire journey, from product ideation to manufacturing and placement on retailer shelves. The incubator places a strong emphasis on profitability and protecting intellectual property through innovative design strategies.

Product Development Incubator was founded by Steven Selikoff, based in Seattle. He is a former Microsoft Global Business Manager, author, and a successful product entrepreneur. His extensive knowledge and unwavering support have played a pivotal role in the success of these three entrepreneurs and many others. With a history of selling to retailers dating back to 2001, Selikoff brings a wealth of “old-school” product development and sales experience to the program.


About AtlantaSmart Market Week:

AtlantaSmart Market Week is a premier event that brings together industry leaders, innovators, and retailers to showcase and discover the latest trends and products in the retail market. This annual event fosters collaboration and drives innovation in the retail industry.

About Product Development Incubator:

Product Development Incubator is a dedicated program for aspiring entrepreneurs, providing comprehensive support from idea conception to product launch. Under the guidance of Steven Selikoff, the incubator focuses on nurturing innovation, ensuring profitability, and safeguarding intellectual property through innovative design strategies.

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Ana Dinu debuts the Christmas Tree Tent from Magical Underland

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