Boca Raton Championship Wrestling and the National Wrestling Alliance Sold Out Show in Boca Raton a Huge Success

Boca Raton Championship Wrestling and the National Wrestling Alliance

BRCW Owner Matthew Maschler and Cha Cha Charlie greeting a young fan

Boca Raton Championship Wrestling

*Boca Raton, Florida – July 19, 2023* – Boca Raton Championship Wrestling in collaboration with the National Wrestling Alliance presented “Boca V. the World”

Working with the NWA and Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins has been the highlight of the year for all of us at BRCW. We hope it leads to bigger and better things for the future.”

— Matthew H. Maschler, BRCW Chairmen and Owner

BOCA RATON, FL, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2023/ — **Boca Raton Championship Wrestling‘s Epic Event “Boca versus the World” Delivers **

Boca Raton Championship Wrestling (BRCW) proudly presented its electrifying event, “Boca versus the World,” in collaboration with the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) on July 19th. The unforgettable showdown took place at the Boca Black Box theater in Boca Raton, Florida, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

The evening showcased an unparalleled display of athleticism, grit, and drama, as BRCW’s top wrestling superstars locked horns with NWA’s finest. The Boca Black Box theater reverberated with the cheers and roars of fans who witnessed epic battles and jaw-dropping moments.

In one of the most anticipated matches of the night, BRCW’s Noah Kekoa stepped into the ring against NWA’s World Television Champion Thomas Latimer for the NWA World Television Championship. Despite an impressive showing, Noah Kekoa fell short in his bid to capture the title, proving the fierce competition that NWA brings to the table.

Kenzie and Kylie Page, the dynamic duo representing NWA, triumphed over BRCW Women’s Champion MJ Jenkins and Ruthie Jay in a thrilling matchup that left the audience in awe. BRCW’s Cha Cha Charlie danced his way to victory against NWA’s Joe Alonzo, further solidifying his status as a beloved fan-favorite.

BRCW Champion Lakay defended his title against Jamie Stanley, and in an extraordinary display of dominance, BRCW ALL STAR Champion Mark Long decimated his opponent Silas Mason.

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Kerry Morton showcased his skill by defeating Alan S2S Martinez, setting the stage for an intense rematch between Alan and Neil “the Heel” Glazier for the BRCW Crusierweight Championship. Neil “the Heel” Glazier, the longest reigning Cruiserweight in BRCW history, faces a formidable challenge from Alan in their upcoming clash. But he has an ace up his sleevem the giant Cezar Bonini.

The audience erupted as NWA’s Crockett Cup Winners Mike Knox and Trevor Murdoch triumphed over the Island Kings, led by Sean Maluta. The night concluded with a monumental victory for former WWE/NXT Superstar Bull James and WWE Legend Gangrel, who defeated NWA’s Jack Talos and Daisy Kill in a thrilling tag-team matchup.

WWE Hall of Famer Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake set the stage on fire as he announced two colossal BRCW matches that will continue to captivate fans in the coming months.

The collaboration between BRCW owner Matthew Maschler and NWA owner Billy Corgan was an immediate success and we hope it leads to bigger and better things.

Save the date for the next BRCW live event, scheduled for November 5th, 2023, in Mizner Park, Boca Raton, FL. Brace yourselves for more heart-pounding action, jaw-dropping moments, and unforgettable memories as Boca Raton Championship Wrestling continues to push the boundaries of sports entertainment.

### About Boca Raton Championship Wrestling (BRCW)

Boca Raton Championship Wrestling is a premier wrestling organization dedicated to delivering high-quality sports entertainment to fans across South Florida. With a roster of exceptional wrestling talent and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of athleticism and storytelling, BRCW continues to captivate audiences and redefine the wrestling landscape.

### About The National Wrestling Association (NWA)

The National Wrestling Association (NWA) is a historic and iconic wrestling promotion that has showcased some of the most legendary wrestling talent in the world. With a rich history spanning decades, NWA continues to bring together top wrestling stars from around the globe to compete in epic battles that captivate fans worldwide.

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