ANVIO VR’s New Game Creation System is Revolutionizing Location-Based Entertainment VR

Revolta, multiplayer VR PvP shooter

Revolta Gameplay

Revolta Gameplay

Revolta PvP Shooter

Revolta PvP Shooter

ANVIO VR has mastered the art of repeat plays by introducing a game creation system that allows partners to customize game layouts for limitless replay value.

Now, we’re expanding our horizons and letting players make the games from their own homes before coming to an ANVIO location to play them. They can even share their creations with other locations.”

— Dennis Voronin, ANVIO’s Sales and Partnership Manager

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, April 11, 2024 / — Extensive consumer research and player psychology has led to ANVIO to become the first company to introduce a game creation system in the location-based VR industry. ANVIO’s virtual reality PvP shooter, Revolta, incorporates this new feature, enabling LBE operators to develop game changing layouts and visuals, thus creating almost limitless replay value.

Dennis Voronin, ANVIO’s Sales and Partnership Manager, shared insights discovered through initial feedback upon releasing the game creation system to partners as a trial version. This feedback prompted the implementation of a range of additional features not previously considered. “We initially saw the power of the system from an operator standpoint whereby only operators would be able to create their own maps. Now, we’re expanding our horizons and letting players make the games from their own homes before coming to an ANVIO location to play them. They can even share their creations with other locations,” stated Dennis.

ANVIO’s solution gets inspiration from widely popular video games like Roblox and Minecraft, which have garnered immense popularity over the decade, boasting 196 million and 172 million monthly active users, respectively, as of 2024, according to ActivePlayer. Their widespread appeal stems from a robust game creation system, high replayability, and strong community engagement. Both platforms empower users to unleash their creativity by designing and building their own worlds and experiences.

ANVIO’s PvP shooter game Revolta features a game creation system, empowering LBE operators to craft their own custom maps, thereby elevating replayability to unprecedented levels. “The Revolta game creation system is on a path of becoming a tool of full customization. We see this as the Minecraft of PvP VR gameplay,” emphasized Dennis Voronin.

Additionally, ANVIO VR offers a scalable game zone solution, ensuring seamless integration of LBE VR content into any venue, regardless of its shape. These ‘constructor’ innovations are revolutionizing the LBE industry by maximizing footfall through venues, thereby boosting operator profits.

New Level of Customization with Map Editing Feature

ANVIO’s PvP shooter Revolta boasts an innovative map editing feature. It enables VR game operators to create unique maps ranging from 4×4 meters to 20×20 meters, fostering creativity and diversity in gameplay. The map editor supports Oculus Quest, MetaQuest 2, and MetaQuest 3 headsets.

ANVIO’s game creation system empowers operators to independently assemble gaming maps for Team Deathmatch mode, providing visual tools to create and customize levels. Operators can save, share, and publish maps online, facilitating collaboration and innovation within the gaming community. ANVIO also plans to create a public community for exchanging best practices in map creation.

Currently, operators and users can choose from three visual environments: Desert, Farm, and Megalopolis. Each has a distinct set of visual elements that can be used to build a unique level. For example, the Farm environment includes trees, bushes, fences, beehives, hay, etc., while the Megalopolis environment includes shelves, oil barrels, concrete, and metal structures. These elements can be combined as desired and changed at any time.

During level construction, users can wear VR headsets to preview how an object will appear in their game. Venue operators can create any number of levels of various difficulty, combine them into a single gaming session, assign individual durations to each level, and configure these settings in accordance with their customers’ preferences. Moreover, ANVIO offers approximately 20 pre-designed levels varying in size, enabling partners to adjust them to fit their space or create entirely new experiences from scratch.

ANVIO’s global partners have enthusiastically embraced this innovative feature. Players, operators, and VR club owners are thrilled with its ease of integration and versatility. With endless replayability, venue owners can offer diverse games to the same audience making them come back for more.

Making Every Space Count with ANVIO’s Scalable Game Zones

Irregularly shaped location spaces in the LBE VR market posed a challenge for many operators. Choosing the right location proves to be a crucial factor in defining the success of the business. ANVIO’s partners worldwide have voiced this common challenge, particularly where the LBE is housed in older buildings. Considering that rent is one of the primary monthly expenses for any location, maximizing space utilization becomes crucial for profitability. That’s why ANVIO has introduced scalable game zones which guarantees that LBE VR content can successfully fit into any space from 16-400 sqm.

It allows for expansive areas where multiple players can engage simultaneously, fostering immersive gameplay experiences. This versatility extends to both large and small form factors, accommodating diverse venue types from Laser Tag arenas to corporate event spaces. With minimal requirements, including lighting, a level floor, VR headsets, a Wi-Fi router and one computer as a server, ANVIO’s solutions offer a variety of options. Moreover, it lowers the entry barrier into LBE VR gaming and allows existing businesses to add VR format to their repertoire and increase their profits. Partnering with ANVIO VR is a truly attractive proposition for business owners to expand their offerings and elevate their profits.

About ANVIO:

ANVIO is a rapidly growing location-based VR operator and free-roam VR content developer. The company has been operating in the VR entertainment market since 2016. It is expanding globally with over 45 locations in 15 countries accommodating over 20,000 players monthly. ANVIO’s game library currently features 9 games targeting different segments of customers.

ANVIO is a proven turnkey solution for location-based virtual reality businesses with a simple startup process. Offering low investment, an easy customization process, and professional 24/7 technical support, the ANVIO VR solution combines multiple benefits at all stages of business development.

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