Ambal Duels: The all skills, no creatures, strategy RPG digital card game

Ambal Duels splash art

The Ambal Duels Schools of Knowledge and cards

The Ambal Duels Schools of Knowledge and cards

Ambal Duel's Water Magic school archetype, showing the Water Mirror skill card

Ambal Duel’s Water Magic school archetype

Ambal Duels is a digital strategy card game with RPG elements such as dynamic combat and skill tree systems, offering a fresh take to the card game genre.

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, February 29, 2024 / — In an exciting development for the digital card game genre, the upcoming release of Ambal Duels promises to introduce a fresh perspective on strategic gameplay and player progression. Developed by a dedicated team passionate about creating a deeply engaging and fair competitive experience, Ambal Duels is set to enter its alpha phase, inviting players to explore its rich, high-fantasy world.

At the heart of Ambal Duels is a commitment to a gameplay experience where strategy, skill, and achievement are the primary drivers of success. Unlike traditional card games that often rely on randomized card packs for player progression, Ambal Duels introduces an innovative skill tree system for unlocking skills (cards), ensuring that all gameplay elements can be acquired through dedication and prowess on the battlefield.

Ambal Duels sets itself apart with simultaneous rounds, RPG inspired gameplay and skill tree system, no monsters or creatures and all cards being skills.

Ambal Duels has a unique focus on theorycrafting and build customization, bringing deep strategy to its fast-paced gameplay. Players are encouraged to dive deep into the game’s mechanics, crafting personalized decks from a diverse array of skills. This approach fosters an environment where strategic planning and tactical execution are rewarded, offering a satisfying depth that challenges newcomers and veterans alike.

As Ambal Duels prepares for its alpha release, the development team invites players and enthusiasts to participate in this crucial phase. Feedback and player engagement are invaluable as the team refines and expands the game’s features, including deck construction, ranked battles, and the continuous addition of new skills and schools.

Ambal Duels is being built with a custom engine, Formabble, which is also on alpha stage and allows for real-time collaborative development powered by AI tools, with native multiplayer capabilities.

About Ambal Duels

Ambal Duels is an innovative strategy card game that draws inspiration from the rich storytelling and character development found in RPGs, seamlessly blending these elements into the strategic depth of card gaming. It stands as the digital counterpart to a beloved tabletop card game, which successfully garnered support and funding through Kickstarter. Designed for both enthusiasts of intricate strategy games and fans of immersive RPG adventures, Ambal Duels offers a unique gaming experience that combines the best of both worlds.

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