VINNY THE PUG ‘The Life And Times’, a picture book by Allen Kimble, Jr.

The young Florida Pug suddenly discovers his new home in Phoenix is in the Sonoran Desert.

Forced to move from Orlando out west to Phoenix, the young pug quickly discovered that his new home was in the Sonoran desert.

When he arrived in Phoenix, Vinny was still just a puppy. However, he was mature enough to be surprised by what he saw. Arizona was in the desert. There was no lush greenery like back home in Orlando.”

— “If It Ain’t A Pug, It’s Just A Dog!”

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 1, 2023 / — VINNY THE PUGThe Life And Times’, A New Picture Book by Allen Y Kimble, Jr.

There is no doubt that canine companions play a big part in our lives. They become family and family stays together no matter what life throws at them. This includes having to relocate to another city, even another state, in search of better employment opportunities. Such was the case for the little pug from Florida.

VINNY THE PUG ‘The Life And Times’ is a true-life picture book of the life and times of Vinny The Pug. It began on 9-11 following the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. Florida’s economy was left in shambles. Almost overnight Orlando’s tourism industry ground to a halt, forcing Vinny’s human to move the family. They went out west to Arizona to find better employment opportunities.

When they arrived in Phoenix, Vinny was still just a puppy. However, he was mature enough to be surprised by what he saw. Arizona was very different from what he remembered back home in Florida. Orlando was lush with greenery; there were trees, vegetation, and lakes everywhere. Not so in Phoenix. The first thing the little pug notice? His new home in Phoenix was in the Sonoran desert.

This book of photographs shows how the little pug adapted to the harsh realities of living in Arizona. It shows how Vinny The Pug came to appreciate his new home in the desert. Before a year had passed, he adapted so well he had launched a challenge to set a new canine Guinness World Record.

Vinny The Pug’s picture book is one of those enjoyable experiences that will be liked by children and adults. It is especially well written for children of the elementary and middle schools ages. Perfect for dog lovers, it includes coloring pages for young aspiring artists.

THE WRITER Allen Kimble, Jr. is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana who grew up in the mid-1950s. Upon becoming a young man, he entered the United States Air Force and served one year in Vietnam, eight years in Asia for a total of 11-years. While in Southeast Asia he learned photography as a hobby, which he still enjoys using today.

VINNY THE PUG ‘The Life and Times’ is available on Amazon.

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