The Queenie Effect Publishing Unveils Bascha Meier in Best-Selling Anthology ‘Unstoppable Volume 3’

Bascha Meier

Bascha Meier’s empowering journey serves as a model and an inspiration to resilient women worldwide.

NEW ZEALAND, March 4, 2024 / — Building resilience can transform a woman’s life for the better. In that spirit, Queenie Effect Publishing proudly presents Bascha Meier as a featured author in the new anthology ‘Unstoppable Volume 3: The Resilience of the Female Spirit.’ This unique collaborative effort, bringing together 25 extraordinary women, has rapidly achieved international best-seller status, captivating readers across the globe, and staying true to the factors that have won the series universal praise for its first two editions.

In ‘Unstoppable Volume 3,’ Bascha Meier, a distinguished visionary and entrepreneur of 30 years, shares her unique perspective on resilience and triumph. Reflecting on her work as an author, she remarked, “Then being invited to be an author for the book Unstoppable literally gave me full body goosebumps, then a full body YES emerged. Not only was it a book written for Women, the potency of connecting with 24 other women across the globe endorsed my decision, and my investment on all levels.”

Already an eye-opening success story for the publisher and women involved, the latest edition of ‘Unstoppable’ has crossed the “Best Seller” status milestone on within four hours of its release, dominating charts in over 16 categories.

Sharing her thoughts on becoming a best-selling author, Bascha remarked, “Being an author of a best-selling book for women feels enriching and empowering, as it affirms my consistent taking forward action in my mission to touch the lives of as many women as possible, and my ethos of sharing from heart consciousness.”

Beyond her role as an author, Bascha’s mission is rooted in helping other women discover their God-given purpose. She encourages courage in finding more to life, saying, “Inspiring other women to become unstoppable begins with just being ME, MYSELF: Embracing myself as I am, and my passions, shining my ‘light’ from that authentic place, being myself as a living example of walking my talk as an unstoppable abundant entrepreneur, woman, and mother.”

Her enterprise, AlchemyGold, stands as a beacon for transformative coaching, consulting, and events, emphasizing holistic well-being. Merging Quantum Energetics with strategic business acumen, AlchemyGold Coaching & Consulting delivers a spectrum of services, encompassing personalized one-on-one consultations and impactful online training courses. As an exclusive offering, clients are treated to a bonus—a unique 7-day retreat package that amplifies the experience.

Through AlchemyGold, Bascha has also earned the distinction of being the driving force behind a series of top-rated Music Festivals unfolding amidst the serenity of untainted natural landscapes. These festivals curate a positive, energizing program featuring workshops, healing enclaves, diverse market stalls, plant-based culinary delights, international speakers, and the best in live musicians. These impactful gatherings serve as catalysts, elevating both individual and collective consciousness, nurturing creative expression, and inviting profound experiences for attendees.

For more information about ‘Unstoppable Volume 3,’ visit Connect with Bascha Meier on Facebook and Instagram.

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About ‘Unstoppable Volume 3: The Resilience of the Female Spirit’

‘Unstoppable Volume 3’ is an international best-selling anthology, published by The Queenie Effect Publishing. The book features the empowering stories of 25 extraordinary women who triumphed over adversity, celebrating the resilience and indomitable spirit of the female journey.

Bascha Meier
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