The Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) Announces Publication of First-of-it-Kind Medical Affairs Textbook

MEDICAL AFFAIRS: The Roles, Value and Practice of Medical Affairs in the Biopharmaceutical and Medical Technology Industries (CRC Press, 2024)

Including contributions from 80+ Medical Affairs leaders, textbook provides broad understanding to power a crossfunctional Medical Affairs career.

This book equips everyone across the spectrum of Medical Affairs roles with the baseline skills and understanding they need to excel across the function”

— Kirk Shepard, co-editor, CMO, PDS Biotechnology

GOLDEN, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, February 1, 2024 / — The Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) is proud to announce publication of the textbook, “Medical Affairs: The Roles, Value and Practice of Medical Affairs in the Biopharmaceutical and Medical Technology Industries” (CRC Press, 2024). The book represents contributions from over 80 global Medical Affairs leaders, providing a comprehensive overview of the profession for aspiring and early-career Medical Affairs professionals as well as a broad understanding of for those seeking to power a crossfunctional Medical Affairs career.

“People come to Medical Affairs from a variety of scientific and medical backgrounds, meaning that individuals’ understanding of the profession is often incomplete – a person working as a Medical Science Liaison might not know what goes on in Clinical Development; and there’s no guarantee a Medical Affairs professional in External Education knows how to collaborate with colleagues in Evidence Generation. This book equips everyone across the spectrum of Medical Affairs roles with the baseline skills and understanding they need to excel across the function,” says Kirk Shepard, Chief Medical Officer, PDS Biotechnology, one of the book’s editors.

After overviewing the structure, impact and career pathways in Medical Affairs as a whole, the book includes chapters detailing the actions of Medical Affairs subfunctions including Medical Strategy & Launch Excellence, Evidence Generation & Real-World Evidence, Medical Communications, External Education, Field Medical, Insights, Medical Information, Patient Centricity, Medical Operations, Digital Strategy, Compliance, Rare Disease & Gene Therapy, and Medical Affairs in MedTech.

“Medical Affairs is structured and practiced differently in different companies. Our goal is to provide a single source for best practices and a normative understanding of these subfunctions within Medical Affairs to guide individual career growth and also the development of Medical Affairs capabilities across organizations of different sizes, locations, therapeutic areas and phases of development,” says Charlotte Kremer, MAPS CMO and book co-editor.


• Defines the purpose and value of Medical Affairs and provides clear career paths for scientific experts seeking their place within the pharmaceutical and MedTech industries.

• Provides guidance and baseline competencies for roles within Medical Affairs including Medical Communications, Evidence Generation, Field Medical, Compliance, and many others.

• Specifies the “true north” of the Medical Affairs profession as ensuring patients receive maximum benefit from industry innovations including drugs, diagnostics and devices.

• Presents the purpose and specific roles of Medical Affairs roles across organization types including biotechs, small/medium/large pharma and device/diagnostic companies, taking into account adjustments in the practice of Medical Affairs to meet the needs of developing fields.

• Leverages the expertise of over 80 Medical Affairs leaders across companies, representing the first unified, global understanding of the Medical Affairs profession.

“We are so honored that over 80 members of the MAPS community were able to come together to contribute their expertise to this project. In a field that is changing so rapidly along with the pace of developments in technology and society, these Medical Affairs leaders were able to come to consensus on today’s best practices for Medical Affairs across the industry. This project is a testament to what an organization can achieve when volunteers come together in the spirit of collaboration, discussion, and hard work,” says Travis Hege, MAPS CEO.

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