Staten House Publishes “Two Snakes and a Teapot” by Karalynne Temperato – A Bedtime Story with a Breath of Fresh Air

Cover of the children’s book ‘Two Snakes and a Teapot’ by Karalynne Temperato, featuring whimsical illustrations.

Black and white photo of Karalynne C Temperato, a woman with long hair and glasses, smiling at the camera, with a soft-focus background.

Portrait of Karalynne Temperato, the author and illustrator of ‘Two Snakes and a Teapot’.

Karalynne Temperato’s latest: A playful tale teaching kids the calming power of breath, inspired by familial love.

My mother believed, and taught me, that reading is the most powerful tool we have for learning and growing.”

— Karalynne Temperato

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, February 1, 2024 / — Staten House is proud to present “Two Snakes and a Teapot,” the latest enriching children’s book by Karalynne Temperato. This unique paperback blends a whimsical story with a simple yet profound breathing exercise, aimed at helping children relax and improve lung function through the playful narrative of two snakes.

Drawing deep inspiration from her mother, Lois Sanford Costello, Temperato crafts a narrative that is both engaging and educational. Lois, who now resides in a memory care unit at 90, may have her memories challenged by time and dementia, but the legacy of her wisdom and love for reading vibrantly lives on through her daughter’s work. “The rhythm of my mother’s voice reading to me as a child, the way she turned words into music, especially with rhyming stories, left a lasting impression,” shares Temperato. “She believed, and taught me, that reading is the most powerful tool we have for learning and growing.”

“Two Snakes and a Teapot” embodies this philosophy, aiming to pass on not just a story, but a lifelong tool for well-being. The book is an homage to Temperato’s mother’s belief in the transformative power of reading, a lesson she eagerly wants to share with the next generation.

Priced at $9.99 and available on, “Two Snakes and a Teapot” is a testament to the timeless relevance of reading and the endless possibilities it unlocks. It invites children and their caregivers to explore the calmness and joy of a simple breathing game, fostering a love for reading along the way.

Click here to purchase “Two Snakes and a Teapot” and experience the gentle adventure and the calming lesson it offers.

About the Author:

Karalynne Temperato is a loving mother, grandmother, and lifelong resident of her hometown. Her passion for storytelling and artistry is evident in the tales she weaves and the illustrations she crafts. With a penchant for mending and reviving, she creates stories that resonate with warmth, care, and a desire to impart a positive influence on children.

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