Scaling the Math Achievement Ladder

Scaling the Math Achievement Ladder

A Pioneering Approach to Elevating Math Achievement in American Education

FL, USA, January 9, 2024 / — Brenda Buckley and Bernadette Jackson, esteemed educators with over forty years of experience in mathematics teaching and curriculum development, introduce their groundbreaking book, “Scaling the Math Achievement Ladder: Teachers Leading the Way to the Top”. This seminal work addresses the crucial need for improvement in American mathematics education and is available now on Amazon.

About The Book:

“Scaling the Math Achievement Ladder” is not just a book; it’s a movement towards transforming math education in the U.S. With American students lagging in international comparisons, especially in math and science, the authors present an innovative method of instruction that guarantees every student’s success in math. The book emphasizes the pivotal role of classroom teachers in the learning process, incorporating the effective Cumulative Reinforcement of Concepts and Skills (CRCS) model developed by the authors.

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Transforming Math Education:

This comprehensive guide is a response to the prevalent issue of students requiring remedial math assistance in community colleges. Buckley and Jackson, have extensively researched and developed the CRCS model, proven effective in elevating math achievement.

Proven Success of the CRCS Model:

The CRCS approach underwent a rigorous pilot program, yielding exceptional results. Students who were originally scheduled for Pre-Algebra, were taught the Algebra I curriculum instead, using the CRCS method. These Pre-Algebra students showed equal or higher success rates on Algebra I, and later Geometry, final exams compared to their peers in traditional math classes. These results underscore the effectiveness of authors’ innovative approach.

About the Authors:

Brenda Bayly Buckley and Bernadette Jackson bring together a wealth of experience in mathematics education and curriculum development. Their joint expertise has culminated in the creation of the CRCS model, a testament to their commitment to enhancing math teaching and achievement. Buckley, with a doctoral degree in curriculum and instruction, alongside Jackson’s Bachelor of Arts degree in Secondary Mathematics Education, have pioneered a path for transformative teaching methods.

A Call to Action for Educators:

“Scaling the Math Achievement Ladder” is more than a book; it’s a crucial tool for educators seeking to revamp their approach to teaching mathematics. This work is poised to reshape the landscape of math education, inspiring teachers and students alike towards higher levels of achievement.

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Author Names: Brenda Buckley and Bernadette Jackson Book Title: Scaling the Math Achievement Ladder: Teachers Leading the Way to the Top

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