Readers Warmly Received Ronald Hera’s “Bethlehem’s Brothers”

CHULA VISTA, CA, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2024 / — The first in Ronald Hera’s Brothers trilogy published by PageTurner Press and Media, Bethlehem’s Brothers already received The US Review of Books’s recommendation. On top of that, a Hollywood screenplay is available for this book.

The action, history, politics, religion, and suspense portrayed by real and fictional characters that this book has to offer to everyone has been receiving five-star ratings from its readers.

What Trudi LoPreto wrote in a Readers’ Favorite book review bucks us up with the expected reading experience, “Bethlehem’s Brothers by Ronald Hera is a mixture of biblical facts and fictional characters that is hard to put down.”

It is “an interesting construct of biblical history,” as Jamie Michele mentioned in a Readers’ Favorite book review.

This book zoomed in on the lives of the people who walked with Jesus “whether it was alongside him and his word, in his shadow as an everyday civilian of the time, or in search of him for salvation or destruction.”

The Roman soldiers in Bethlehem and its surrounding cities had a surprise nighttime mission from the king of Judea, the execution of all male children two years old and below. The household of Esther and Jacob did not escape from this tragedy. Jacob, the father in the family, himself and their youngest member were brutally murdered. Now the two brothers Enoch and Simeon, who at a very early age, were sent by their forced mother, Esther, to separate paths as an apprentice potter and fisherman to different relatives just to pull through from the circumstances. One man led their paths to cross again, and they saw him from different points of view. After which, Enoch and Simeon had to make important decisions.

The biblical setting coming to life in Bethlehem’s Brothers provides a clearer picture of some scenes from Jesus’s time here on Earth, giving readers a full understanding of the events that took place during those historical times. This helps broaden and shift perspectives about these events as Nino Lobiladze articulated in his book review in Readers’ Favorite, “Hera writes about the events that changed the fate of humanity forever with amazing simplicity, bringing Jesus closer to his readers.”

Michelle Robertson added, “Hera has successfully taken a well-known story and brought it to life in a new, easy-to-read, and more relatable way, allowing us to engage with the story through the eyes of an ordinary, everyday person of the era.”

With a five-star rating in a Readers’ Favorite book review, K.C. Finn expresses that the story of Enoch and Simeon “felt relatable to modern-day humanity because the brothers faced the same crises and dangers that many developing countries still do now.”

“Hera allows us to feel the warmth of Jesus’s hand on our shoulders,” an impression shared by Nino Lobiladze in a Readers’ Favorite book review.

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