One Third Stories acquired with plans to expand its library of children’s storybook kits to introduce languages

New owner/operators of storybooks offering
one third language, one third culture, One Third Stories…100% FUN!

a unique approach to language learning that gradually introduces kids to new words and phrases through beautifully illustrated storybooks and activity kits.”

— Jennifer Moscato, owner/operator of One Third Stories

BUFFALO, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 6, 2023 / — One Third Stories, children’s storybook kits designed to inspire a love of foreign languages, has been acquired by US-based Moscato Enterprises.

Subscribers of One Third Stories introduce new languages to children in a fun, ‘hidden vegetables’ format that uses proven, research-based methodologies. Studies have shown that learning a second language offers numerous benefits including improved critical thinking and problem solving skills. While it’s never too late to start, most researchers agree that exploring languages when children are young takes advantage of their innate abilities to hear and reproduce sounds.

“As a mom and former reading teacher, I love knowing that we can be part of bringing families together to share story time and learn together in a fun, natural way,” said Jennifer Moscato, who with her husband Darren are the new owner/operators of One Third Stories. “We couldn’t be more excited to share our storybook kits with parents, grandparents and others interested in enhancing a child’s education, further exploring different cultures, connecting to their ancestry, or the many other benefits of learning a new language.”

“At the heart of One Third Stories is our Clockwork Methodology – a unique approach to language learning that gradually introduces kids to new words and phrases through beautifully illustrated storybooks and activity kits. One Third Stories are loved by kids, parents and educators around the world because they build kids’ confidence in the four key language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking – and do it in a uniquely engaging and effective way.”

One Third Stories offers subscription boxes in Spanish, French, Italian, and German. Customers can choose from monthly, six-month, and annual subscriptions. Each monthly kit includes an original story, an activity book that connects the book’s theme and vocabulary with different subject areas, flashcards, and additional resources. Subscribers are sent links to download audiobook versions of each story so that they can hear the new vocabulary pronounced by native speakers before receiving the physical books. The books in One Third Stories are structured so that children can practice words learned earlier and gradually build their vocabulary.

Jennifer loved school – especially learning and reading about people from different times and places – so it isn’t too surprising that she grew up to become a social studies teacher. When she became a mother, bedtime stories were a favorite nightly ritual. Eventually, Jennifer decided that she wanted to share her passion for reading with students and other teachers and she earned her master’s degree in literacy.

As a child Darren Moscato learned Latin because he was fascinated by how English words were built from ancient roots. In high school he learned Spanish but he was uninspired by the heavy memorization that was required by the curriculum, so little of what he learned ‘stuck’. His excitement for learning about how things were built carried over to college where he studied engineering and management. It was not until his career had him traveling in Spain and South America that he realized what a lost opportunity his high school Spanish classes were.

Jennifer and Darren Moscato are expanding their business holdings through Moscato Enterprises with the acquisition of One Third Stories.

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