Newly Released “680 Miles Away” is a Harmonious Blend of Music, Sisterhood, and Overcoming Life’s Challenges

680 Miles Away

Tara J. Stone

5-Star Accolades

This enchanting novel is an emotional journey about two women confronting old wounds, embracing new possibilities and discovering the power of unrelenting love.

It is one of those stories that reels you in with its emotionally driven prose and yanks on your heartstrings.”

— Reader Views

MONUMENT, CO, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2024 / — Acclaimed author Tara J. Stone releases her latest novel, “680 Miles Away,” featuring the journey of Evie, a talented violinist confronting her past to embrace her future. This poignant narrative serves as a spin-off to Stone’s earlier work, “6 Blocks Home.” Set against the backdrop of Scrub Oak, Colorado during the pandemic, the novel explores themes of sisterhood, love, and the enduring impact of family secrets, reflecting the profound effects of these elements on personal transformation.

Stone skillfully integrates music into the fabric of her characters’ lives, drawing on her background as a classical musician to enrich the authenticity of their experiences. The novel captures the essence of confronting one’s fears and highlights the strength found in true friendships and the unbreakable bonds of sisterhood. With its blend of heartfelt drama and lighter moments, “680 Miles Away” promises a compelling read that resonates deeply with anyone who appreciates stories of overcoming adversity and emotional healing.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind her latest novel, author Stone shares, “I wanted to give fans more of what they loved in “6 Blocks Home,” but I also wanted new readers to feel invested without having to read “6 Blocks Home” first. It’s a hard balance to strike, but the key is giving readers a protagonist they can love, relate to, and root for. I knew I had that kind of protagonist in Evie. I just had to find the right part of her story to tell.”

Critics and readers alike have highly praised “680 Miles Away” for its touching story and deep look at personal growth and modern challenges:

“It is one of those stories that reels you in with its emotionally driven prose and yanks on your heartstrings. Themes of love, family, and identity are flawlessly woven into… an all-encompassing reading experience. I must praise the author for the expertly developed characters. Evie was a root-worthy protagonist—flawed but relatable, broken but resilient—and I adored her evolution from beginning to end… After reading the book, I felt deeply connected to her and marveled at her journey from self-deprecating to self-actualized.” — Stephanie Elizabeth Long, Reader Views

“One of the most unique aspects of “680 Miles Away” is its exploration of faith. As someone who appreciates narratives that portray faith in a positive light, I was delighted by the way the author seamlessly weaved themes of faith into the storyline. The struggles of remaining faithful amidst life’s trials felt authentic and resonated deeply with me.” — Danielle Pataky, Amazon

“The author masterfully writes a story that needs to be heard and exemplifies virtue, family, and love. It changes you into a better person by the end of it. It is a journey full of twists, turns, and excitement. Be warned: once you pick up this book, it’s nearly impossible to put down.”— Sarah L., Amazon

“Well crafted story that features a great cast of characters! This coming-of-age story felt real, and had an authentic spirit to it. Give it a read and you wont regret it! — Mike Rose, Amazon

“This novel takes us deeper into the complex world of Evie, a character so real and relatable that she could easily be someone we know. Evie’s journey from a musical prodigy haunted by her past to a young woman confronting the very things she’s spent years avoiding is written with such sincerity and depth that it’s impossible not to be moved.” — E.A. Alvo, Amazon

680 MILES AWAY, (ISBN: 978-1734914269, Independently Published 2024), is available for purchase through online bookstores.


Tara J. Stone started writing fiction when she was in first grade and discovered the thrill of screenwriting when she studied Communications Media at John Paul the Great Catholic University. Screenplays are her favorite way to tell stories, but novels are quickly gaining. She hopes her writing will contribute to a revival of Catholic fiction.

After successfully self-publishing two screenplays as paperbacks and ebooks, she partnered with two of her former film professors to create Story Masters Film Academy, which offers online courses in screenwriting and directing.

Tara resides in Colorado, and in 2016, she became a Consecrated Virgin Living in the World in the Diocese of Colorado Springs. In addition to making things up and writing them down, Tara enjoys praying, hiking (definitely not running), going to the symphony (especially movies at the symphony), discovering new craft brews, and spending time with family and friends.

Learn more about Tara J. Stone and her work at and read an exclusive interview with the author here: Publicity contact: [email protected]. Review copies available upon request.

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