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Time-Travel Tales Book 9 – Barcelona 1888 – book cover

Time Tunnel Image Logo with Veronica Sanders, Author, inscription

Time Tunnel Logo with Veronica Sanders, Author, inscription

Time travel enthusiasts and historical romance lovers, get ready for an exciting adventure in vibrant Barcelona in World Expo Series III.

I’m so glad to be bringing these stories from the late 1800s to life. It’s such a fascinating moment in history, and I’m glad to explore it—both the good and the bad.”

— Veronica Sanders

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2024 / — The New Release, ‘Time-Travel Tales Book 9—Barcelona 1888,’ encompasses historical fiction, time travel, action, suspense, and romance in an engaging short story format. It is now available for free for three days only—from April 30th to May 2nd, 2024. 

Veronica Sanders, master storyteller, deftly transports her readers from the previous Tale in Australia to a vibrant venue in Europe. Here, they gain a wider picture of how much nations grew during the late nineteenth century – and the importance of World Fairs (Expos) owing to the increased trade, commerce, and innovation worldwide.

Set against the backdrop of Spain’s uneasy political, social, and economic climate in 1888, this latest installment in the World Expo series follows the hero, Jed, as he taps into special abilities to fend off threats from a foe determined to sabotage these events, stop economic growth, and win planet Earth for themselves. 

Veronica, in less than 12,000 words, brings to life the sights, sounds, and emotions of this iconic event in a way that will leave readers spellbound. Expect nail-biting moments suspended in time, brimming with action and suspense, intriguing historical facts and fiction, time travel with a dash of tragedy, and an element of sweet romance. 

From April 30th to May 2nd, readers can download ‘Time-Travel Tales Book 9—Barcelona 1888’ for free from Amazon. Get your copy here: This Tale is ranked within the Top 20 Historical Fiction Short Stories in the Kindle Store with a 5* rating.

Here’s what one reviewer of the Series has said:

“What a gem! I felt myself right there with the characters and was eager to read the next page. It’s a compelling and fascinating story. Setting the characters in this historical timeline added a unique twist that I thoroughly enjoyed. I’m eager to discover what’s next and look forward to the next books in the series!”—VH.

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About the Author: Veronica loves to tell tales about time travel and clean romance spiced with action and suspense. In her captivating short stories, she seamlessly intertwines historical fiction with the eternal battle of Light vs. dark, infusing each tale with a unique vibrancy as she transports readers through space and time. As an energy (Light) worker, Veronica infuses each tale with a unique vibrancy as she transports readers through space and time. She enjoys nothing better than sipping a cup of tea on the deck of her mountain home amongst the oaks, taking in the view of the verdant valley below, and gaining inspiration for the next short story.

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