New Picture Book Celebrates Mole Day by Teaching Elementary Kids Advanced Chemistry (Yes, Really!)

Mole and Tell will be released May 2, 2023

A sample page from Mole and Tell

Learn alongside Mr. Cantello’s energetic fourth grade class as they discover Avogadro’s number

A sample page from Mole and Tell, showing the periodic table

Book 1 of a new series simplifies Avogadro’s number, scientific notation, and the periodic table in a classroom setting reminiscent of “The Magic School Bus”

What a fun way to learn about one of the core concepts of chemistry!”

— Adam E. Cohen, Ph.D., Prof. of Chemistry and Physics, Harvard University

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, May 1, 2023/ — Have you ever wondered how many different days there are to celebrate science? Science Naturally is excited to introduce readers to the first book in the brand new Celebrate Science series. Learn about International Mole Day with Mole and Tell, by brother-sister duo Catherine Payne and John Payne II.

When Mr. Cantello’s fourth graders see a strange date written on the board, they learn that Mole Day is coming soon… but what is a mole? And what does it have to do with their science class?

Mole and Tell introduces kids to the annual holiday celebrating the mole, a big number that measures tiny things. This 40-page picture book gives kids their first glimpse at real chemistry, teaching them about measuring molecules through a fun and easy-to-understand activity—Show and Tell. Join the class for a delightful introduction to scientific measurements, and a Mole Day celebration to remember!

“This book introduces children to how chemists count things like atoms and molecules. What a fun way to learn about one of the core concepts of chemistry!” says Adam E. Cohen, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry and Physics at Harvard University. “Mole and Tell is sure to spark curiosity and encourage kids into more scientific explorations.”

With bright illustrations by Elisa Rocchi, Mr. Cantello and the fourth graders come to life, full of energy and excitement. Mr. Cantello’s curious students ask the same questions a young reader might be wondering: how can a mole of sugar be larger than a mole of water, and how is it possible to measure something smaller than you can see? And with accessible, elementary-level explanations, readers of all ages will be excited to learn more about concepts such as the periodic table, molar mass, molecules, scientific collaboration, and the International System of Units.

Science holidays happen throughout the year. Science Naturally plans to continue this series with holidays including Earth Day, Pi Day, Astronomy Day, and more. All of the books in this series will be dedicated to encouraging the celebration of science through community events and activities.

A Teacher’s Guide assists with this goal. The Guide will be available in English and can be downloaded at no charge from the publisher’s website. This Guide provides discussion questions, hands-on activities, and experiments to expand the content of the book and provide opportunities for parents, educators, and librarians to engage kids in learning more about the science in Mole and Tell.

Author Catherine Payne worked as a journalist after earning master’s degrees from Harvard and Columbia Universities. After returning to her native Guam, she became an English instructor and tutor. Catherine especially loves writing books that transport children to happy places. The inspiration she draws from Pacific cultures helps her appreciate the interconnectedness of all things. Contact her at [email protected].

When author John Payne II, Catherine’s brother, discovered superhero comic books, it sparked a lifelong love of reading that led to an interest in speech and language. After pursuing degrees at San José State University and the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, John now works with kids as a speech clinician in Guam. Contact him at [email protected].

Artist Elisa Rocchi grew up in the countryside of northern Italy, along with her unique friend and pet cat, Minù. She has always loved drawing and writing and works as a children’s book illustrator. Elisa currently lives in Milan, Italy with her husband and son. To see more of Elisa’s work, visit

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Mole and Tell

Written by Catherine Payne and John Payne II • Illustrated by Elisa Rocchi

English • Ages 7-10 • 10 x 8” • 40 Pages

Hardback ($16.95) ISBN: 978-1958629-11-6

Paperback ($14.95) ISBN:978-1958629-10-9

eBook ($13.99) ISBN: 978-1958629-12-3

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