New Book Reveals Secrets to Communicating with Benevolent Aliens

Beginner’s guide by Lis from 5D Life Now on contacting benevolent aliens and exploring interdimensional communication.

Portrait of Lis from 5D Life Now, author of "Learn How to Make Contact with Benevolent Aliens," smiling against a starry night sky background.

Lis from 5D Life Now, author of “Learn How to Make Contact with Benevolent Aliens.”

Lis from 5D Life Now’s new book offers a comprehensive guide to interdimensional communication and ethical engagement with benevolent alien civilizations.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, May 15, 2024 / — Lis from 5D Life Now has released a new book, “Learn How to Make Contact with Benevolent Aliens,” which serves as a guide for those curious about the universe and interested in exploring the possibilities of interdimensional communication.

Inspired by a transformative encounter with Galactic Federation of Light Beings in 2019, Lis provides a comprehensive approach to understanding and connecting with otherworldly beings. The book compiles knowledge, techniques, and insights designed to elevate human consciousness and foster peaceful interstellar relationships.

“Learn How to Make Contact with Benevolent Aliens” explains the processes of initiating contact with alien civilizations, emphasizing ethical engagement and spiritual enhancement. It includes detailed steps and practical exercises for safely and respectfully reaching out to these advanced entities, many of whom are described as sharing DNA with humans and having influenced our planet for millennia.

Lis from 5D Life Now states, “This is the most exciting time to be alive. We are at the threshold of a Galactic Pilgrimage, and humanity is about to reach a Star Trek level of existence in the next few years. This book is your gateway to being a part of this thrilling journey.”

The book also addresses common misconceptions about 5D consciousness and extraterrestrial communication, providing a clearer understanding of humanity’s place within the cosmic web. From enhancing psychic abilities to practicing interdimensional ethics, Lis equips readers with the necessary tools to navigate and contribute to the universe’s higher vibrational existence.

“Learn How to Make Contact with Benevolent Aliens” is now available for purchase at Amazon. In addition, Lis will host a live ‘CE5 Raise the Vibe’ event on YouTube, offering participants the opportunity to experience collective contact and delve deeper into the teachings of the book.

About the Author

Lis is a visionary, author, certified hypnotherapist, and the founder of a CE5 group dedicated to raising humanity’s vibration and preparing for enlightened contact with otherworldly beings. Through videos, books, and interactive events, Lis seeks to educate and inspire a global audience about the potential of new galactic relationships and the advancement of human consciousness.

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