New Book by Orem, Utah Mayor David Young

Hunting for True Wealth

“Hunting for True Wealth” is a Compelling Guide to Achieving Happiness and Financial Success

OREM, UTAH, UNITED STATES, February 7, 2024 / — David Young, mayor of Orem, Utah and the founder and CEO of Paragon Wealth Management, has authored a captivating new book, “Hunting for True Wealth.” An enthusiast of big game hunting, Mayor Young draws from his experiences in the wilderness to draw parallels with the world of financial investment. His book offers a distinctive viewpoint on the pursuit of genuine happiness and success, weaving together the excitement and trials of the hunt with the complexities of wealth management.

In “Hunting for True Wealth”, Mayor Young shares his diverse experiences as a successful investment firm leader, dedicated public servant, and passionate adventurer. The book is filled with riveting stories from the frozen expanses of Alaska to the untamed beauty of the African savannas, each narrative skillfully woven with fundamental investment principles and entrepreneurial wisdom.

Mayor Young has distilled his vast knowledge and experiences into five core principles designed to lead readers to a life of profound happiness and accomplishment. This book is not just for the financial aficionado or the hunting enthusiast, but for anyone eager to make daring decisions, forge meaningful relationships, stay resilient in turbulent times, understand market dynamics, and live a life of purpose and legacy in the here and now.

“Hunting for True Wealth” is more than just a book; it’s a compass for navigating the complexities of life and finance, encouraging readers to embrace the journey towards true wealth – a state of being that encompasses joy, fulfillment, and financial prosperity.

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About the Author

Dave Young, a visionary investment advisor, business mogul, and philanthropist, has founded a dozen successful companies before venturing into the world of investment with Paragon Wealth Management. Under his leadership, Paragon has flourished, managing assets worth approximately $150 million for 160 households. Beyond his professional achievements, Mayor Young’s dedication to community service is evident through initiatives like the Live Your Dream Foundation, which he co-founded to assist single mothers in pursuing their educational goals.

Elected as the mayor of the burgeoning city of Orem, Utah, in 2021, Dave continues to impact his community positively, guided by a life rich in adventure and the pursuit of excellence. Dave’s belief in the interconnectedness of financial acumen and the lessons learned from nature and adventure is a testament to his unique approach to life and leadership.

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