Marc Pierre Bonis Unveils ‘100 Scribblings’

Marc Pierre Bonis

100 Scribblings

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES, April 23, 2024 / — Distinguished author and academic, Marc Pierre Bonis, presents a captivating journey through time with his latest book, “100 Scribblings.” This literary collection comprises 100 eclectic thoughts, comments, and poems meticulously crafted over a fifty-year period, offering readers a unique insight into the author’s evolving perspectives and unwavering life theme.

In “100 Scribblings,” Marc Bonis takes readers on a reflective journey through global and personal events that have shaped his life. The common thread binding these diverse musings is the author himself, providing a deeply personal and introspective exploration of half a century of experiences.

At 77 years old, Marc Bonis brings a wealth of life experiences to his writing. Born and raised in New Orleans, he currently resides in the Bayou Liberty area of Southern Louisiana, where he and his wife raised their two sons. With a career spanning the petroleum industry and telecommunications, Bonis retired from BellSouth as Assistant to the President of Louisiana in 2000. A seasoned international traveler, Bonis pursued his Ph.D. in Human Performance and Health Promotion from the University of New Orleans after retirement. He is currently an assistant professor at UNO, teaching exercise science and graduate statistics courses.

The author’s previous works include “The Fat Old Man’s Guide to Health and Fitness” (1st Edition 2002 – 4th Edition 2016 – Virtualbookworm Publishing) and “City of Grasshoppers” (2004 – Virtualbookworm Publishing).

“100 Scribblings” reveals that Bonis found solace in writing as a means to process and express his thoughts. The compilation of these writings from a desk drawer serves as a testament to the author’s journey of maintaining balance and mental health throughout his life.

This book is the profound realization that perspectives in life may evolve over time, yet a central life theme remains relatively constant. In a world where mental health and self-reflection are increasingly vital, Bonis’s timely release invites readers to explore the depths of their own journeys.

“100 Scribblings” is available for purchase on Amazon and other major retailers.

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