Logee’s Reveals How to Grow Edible Houseplants and Potted Fruit Trees

Martha Stewart and Byron Martin with the Ponderosa Lemon Tree at Logee’s Greenhouse in Danielson, Connecticut.

edible houseplants book laurelynn martin byron martin

Edible Houseplants, by Laurelynn Martin and Byron Martin, gives advice on how to grow citrus, coffee, vanilla and 43 other tasty tropical plants.

Red Finger Lime Tree ‘Red Champagne’

Red Finger Lime Tree ‘Red Champagne’ is a terrific tree to grow in a pot or container on a porch or patio.

DANIELSON, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, February 16, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — When Martha Stewart needs advice about how to grow edible houseplants and potted fruit trees, she visits Logee’s Greenhouses in Danielson, Connecticut. The owners of Logee’s, Byron Martin and Laurelynn Martin, are experts on how to grow all kinds of fruiting, tropical, and rare plants.

The Martins’ latest book, Edible Houseplants, is a guide to growing 46 edible and fruit-bearing plants inside a home, a greenhouse, or on a sunny patio. The plants featured in the book include lemon trees, lime trees, mangos, bananas, figs, guavas, vanilla vine, and more. The book contains colorful photos of each plant and complete growing instructions.

“Because of the Martins, I now grow my own oranges, lemons, grapefruits, limes, coffee beans, papayas, vanilla, passion fruit, figs, and guavas,” said home maven Martha Stewart. “I rely on them for advice about the care of these extraordinary plants.”

Here are some of Byron and Laurelynn Martin’s favorite edible plants to grow in containers indoors. All of these plants are available from Logee’s Plants for Home and Garden.

Mango Tree ‘Pickering’
A Mango Tree ‘Pickering’ is the perfect mango variety to grow in a pot because it will fruit at an early age. Plant a ‘Pickering’ mango in a 12-inch pot and it will typically set fruit at just 4 feet all. This mango tree is a strong grower with a compact growth habit. It’s available in a 6-inch pot from Logee’s.

Banana Plant ‘Dwarf Lady Finger’
Most people don’t realize that it’s possible to grow edible bananas in a pot. ‘Dwarf Lady Finger’ Banana is a new variety that grows to just 5 feet tall. The trunk and leaves are modest in size, making it great for indoors and patios. The 4-5 inch-long banana fruit is sweet and delicious.

Bay Leaf Plant
The Bay Leaf plant, sometimes called Bay Laurel, produces green leaves that can be harvested any time of year. When bay leaves are cooked, the leaves impart a savory flavor to foods. The plant grows to a height and width of 2-4 feet. Move the potted plant outdoors during summer and indoors during colder months. Buy the plant at https://www.logees.com/bay-leaf-plant.html

Red Finger Lime Tree ‘Red Champagne’
A Red Finger Lime ‘Red Champagne’ tree is highly sought after for its flavorful and unique colored limes. The long finger-shaped fruit has thick skin, which keeps the reddish-pink juice vesicles inside plump and juicy. Simply cut the fruit lengthwise or in half and pop the colorful juice vesicles into a drink or use as a salad garnish. In greenhouse trials at Logee’s, this variety produced fruit in just two years.

Ponderosa Lemon Tree
More than 100 years ago, a Ponderosa Lemon tree (also known as American Wonder Lemon) was planted in one of the original greenhouses at Logee’s. Since then, thousands of trees have been propagated from this original tree. When Ponderosa Lemon trees mature, they can produce huge 5-pound lemons! (The photo at the top of this story shows Martha Stewart holding a lemon that’s growing on the original Ponderosa Lemon tree.)

Vanilla Vine
Often called the Vanilla Bean Orchid, this all-green Vanilla Vine plant produces the tasty vanilla bean much coveted by bakers. It is not a difficult plant to grow, and celebrities like Martha Stewart love to grow their own vanilla plants. Once the Vanilla Vine plant has matured, it will begin to flower. Just hand pollinate the flowers to produce vanilla beans. Buy a Vanilla Vine now from Logee’s at https://www.logees.com/vanilla-vine-plant-vanilla-planifolia.html

For more information, visit https://www.logees.com.

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