Living with Bipolar” Memoir Chronicles Heartbreak and Hope

A Mother’s Journey Through Mental Illness and Loss

UNITED STATES, April 12, 2024 / — Author Wilma Cotten announces the release of her poignant memoir, “Is the Swing High or Low Living, With Someone With Bipolar Disorder.” In this raw and unflinching account, Cotten shares her journey as a single mother raising a daughter who battled bipolar disorder, shedding light on the profound challenges faced by those affected by mental illness.

“Is the Swing High or Low Living, With Someone With Bipolar Disorder” chronicles Cotten’s relentless quest to support her daughter through the tumultuous waves of bipolar disorder. Drawing upon her own experiences and extensive research, Cotten navigates the complexities of mental health care, parenting, and the devastating impact of addiction and violence.

The memoir delves into the depths of despair as Cotten recounts her daughter’s struggles with petty larceny, assault, drug addiction, and the criminal justice system. From countless medication regimens to physical altercations and legal battles, Cotten confronts the harsh realities of mental illness with unwavering determination and love.

As the narrative unfolds, readers bear witness to the harrowing events that ultimately culminate in tragedy. Cotten shares the heartbreak of losing her daughter to violence and the subsequent loss of her job, home, and sense of stability. Yet, amidst the anguish, Cotten finds solace in the opportunity to raise awareness and foster understanding of bipolar disorder.

With a compelling blend of vulnerability and resilience, Cotten offers a message of hope to those grappling with mental illness and loss. Through her candid reflections and profound insights, she seeks to honor her daughter’s memory and advocate for greater compassion and support for individuals and families affected by bipolar disorder.

“I wrote this book as an outlet for my grief and pain of losing a child,” says Cotten. “I hope to remind others that they are not alone in their struggles with mental illness and that healing and hope are possible, even in the face of profound loss.”

“Is the Swing High or Low Living, With Someone With Bipolar Disorder” is a testament to the enduring power of love, resilience, and the human spirit. Cotten’s memoir serves as a poignant reminder that mental health is as vital as physical health and deserves understanding, empathy, and support.

For readers seeking solace, understanding, and hope in the face of mental illness and loss, “Is the Swing High or Low Living, With Someone With Bipolar Disorder” offers a compelling narrative of courage, compassion, and healing.

About Wilma Cotten:

Wilma Cotten is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness and support. Drawing upon her personal experiences and background in information technology, Cotten sheds light on the challenges faced by individuals and families affected by bipolar disorder.

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