LifeBio Memory App Records Care Info, Military Service and More to Address Diverse Populations

Care Info & Preferences

LifeBio Memory now has an expanded list of questions for veterans and active military personnel to answer.

Military Questions

As LifeBio Memory supports person-centered care, it is important that we provide quality and feedback questions that can help our partners serve people effectively.

Quality & Feedback Questions

Patients express their needs in their own voice to share preferences, making it easier for caregivers to know more and to care effectively.

We work with innovators who see the value of individualizing care—that means asking the right questions to know the whole person.”

— Beth Sanders, CEO, LifeBio

MARYSVILLE, OH, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2024 / — The groundbreaking LifeBio Memory app is taking another step forward in 2024 by releasing new questions to make it even easier to care for patients’ needs, providing the opportunity to voice record unique backgrounds and preferences.

The easy-to-use app now talks to ask the questions, and the patient or the caregiver simply presses a button to voice record answers. Users then return to the app to listen to the recordings which are safely stored.

Added or enhanced topics in this revision include:

• Care Info & Preferences – Offers questions on daily routines; what things bring people happiness; and preferences for hair, bathing, clothing and more.

• Immigration – Includes prompts to help immigrants, served by providers or payers or living at home, to share these particularly fascinating stories.

• Home & Life Right Now – Covers the specifics of where people live and the special things about the rhythm of everyday life.

• Military – Builds on the six existing questions with the addition of 12 more for veterans and current military personnel to share their experiences.

• Quality & Feedback – Allows care organizations to collect helpful personal opinions through audio responses from clients, patients or residents.

• Open-Ended Questions – Enables people to share their own stories and ideas without a specific question prompt.

These new topics are building on the existing clear, simple format to record the person’s accomplishments, childhood memories, details on family and friends, hobbies, music interests, work experiences, goals, beliefs, life lessons, and legacy. LifeBio Memory is ideal for involving high school or college students in the lives of older adults with the ability to make intergenerational engagement easier, while also supporting workforce development and career development efforts.

“People are unique. They have much to say, and it’s important to get the answers in their own voice whenever possible. We work with innovators who see the value of individualizing care—that means asking the right questions to know the whole person.,” said Beth Sanders, founder and CEO of LifeBio, Inc.

LifeBio, Inc., the creator of the LifeBio Memory app, is the leading provider of life story, care planning and legacy solutions offered through health care, senior living, health plans, home care, hospice, health systems, mental health agencies and government organizations. License agreements are available for the LifeBio Memory app to make it easy to rollout through an organization. In addition to the digital recording using iOS or Android phones or tablets, LifeBio routinely creates finished, printed/digital Life Story Books, Snapshots and Action Plans based on the recorded and saved audio files. LifeBio files can be easily integrated into electronic health records and into care planning tools to make caregiving easier.

Family members who are named as legacy contacts inside LifeBio Memory will be able to listen to a loved one’s voice long into the future with the audio files recorded and saved in a HIPAA-compliant manner inside of LifeBio’s secured server platform.

For more information, visit and click on “Our Solutions.” Reach us at 937-303-4576 or via [email protected]. The LifeBio Memory app is downloadable from the Apple store or Play store.

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LifeBio Captures More Specific Care Preferences in a Person’s Own Voice

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