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Sophie has written an honest and truthful account of the devastating and painful experienced of losing her entire family. Through her trauma and grief, she has learned to turned to the bible for comfort. In her book, Sophie tells the reader how reading the bible strengthened her personnel faith in God and helped her to overcome grief. She also shares how she found reassurance and hope in attending church services and taking part in worship. She explains how discovering the truth about the phenomenon of life, adversity and death and accepting her loss empowered her to carry on with her life. She further explains that had she not come to the conclusion that no one chooses their path in life and no one has absolute control over what they face in life, adversity and death, and states in no uncertain terms that had she not discovered that truth, the trauma she suffered would have had far reaching effects on her life and on those around her. She cannot imagine what life would have been if she had not gone through the level of adversity that she experienced from a tender age.

Because she has experienced personal loss and the grief that goes with it, Sophie wants to encourage others who may be experiencing similar grief to never give up or lose hope but to know there is life after the death of a loved one.

She admits the pain of living with grief and encourages the reader not to give up because there comes a time when things get better. However, until then, she advises the reader to be prepared to meet people who will not understand their pain and may do or say hurtful things even when they mean well. Sophie encourages forgiving others and trying to move on with life, difficult as it might be. She also says sometimes, it is better to stay away from insensitive people while the grief is still raw until you feel strong enough to handle difficult situations and insensitive comments and demands. Sophie says that grief does not disappears overnight, but can last a lifetime. However, the grieving person still needs to live a normal life like everybody else and know that adversity is a part of life and it comes to some and not to the others. That is life. No one has control over what comes their way or losing loved ones.


Sophie was born in the Southern Province of Zambia where she completed her primary and secondary education before immigrating to the United Kingdom. Before leaving Zambia, she studied Agricultural Science at the Natural Resources Development College of Zambia majoring in Business Management. Although Sophie holds a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Extension & Rural Development from the university of Reading in England, she switched careers and works as a Social Care Director having started right at the bottom and worked her way up the ladder to the position of director and freelance consultant. At present, Sophie lives in England with her husband Molland. She four children and six grandchildren. In addition to her four birth children, Sophie brought up two eight year-olds and a teenager who lost both of their parents through illness at separate times. Despite losing her entire family, Sophie is now a proud wife, mother and grandmother of six beautiful grandchildren. Since coming to England, Sophie has served as an executive board member for several charities, vice president for the African Christian Fellowship and currently as secretary for the Zambia Overseas Christian Fellowship Board of Trustees. She is on the team of ministers and a deacon for her church and an elder in the Africa Christian Fellowship, a Christian charity working amongst overseas students and immigrant families who have settled in the United Kingdom. Sophie has written ten books and self-published four. She has been awarded a publishing contract for her biography; Life without My Family-Lone Survivor of Eleven Children. Her hobbies are sightseeing, travelling, writing songs, playing the guitar, attending church and eating out with her close friends, the highlight of her life.

Visit Sophie website for more information: . Listen to her Interview with Logan Crawford in this link .

Sophie has been interviewed four times on BBC Radio Berkshire and has also featured on the BBC’s ONE SHOW.

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