Kami Alaniz of Just Brooke to be Featured on Close Up Radio

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — “My goal is to help them be successful in all areas of life,” declares our guest. An incredible woman who guides her clients to “reset, rediscover themselves, create and live their dream lives”. She also expresses that “God never intended us to be unhappy and live the same day over and over again in our minds.” This is the story of Kami Alaniz.

Kami Alaniz is the founder of Just Brooke as a Holistic Dream Life Transformation Coach. In addition, she has been a registered nurse for over thirty years. She is also the author of My LifeTime Series to Dream Life.

Just Brooke is based on Kami helping people remove their blocks, reset, rediscover themselves, create and live their dream lives. “I have nine books with several more in production, and over one hundred videos on my website where the DIYers can pick and choose the books and videos that resonate with them,” explains Kami. “For those focused and ready to take immediate and consistent charge of their lives I have bundles and courses available they can start today. I give them the tools that I used and created when I was stuck. As a registered nurse, I also understand the medical, as well as the emotional implications surrounding stress, burnout, and blocks.”

Kami is also a Certified Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). With all of her professional and life experience, she offers a unique perspective on the implications of removing emotional blocks. Most prominent is the issue of accountability, where she emphasizes the importance of holding others accountable, as well as holding yourself accountable. Examples of this are best found in her book.

Kami’s book, My LifeTime Series to Dream Life, in addition to serving as an inspiration to those who read it, the book also provides her personal story of the challenges and triumphs that she endured throughout her life. Ultimately resulting in the success that she is today. As she states, “I have been through many bizarre and weird things in my life.” Some of these events include the loss of her brother due to a heart condition, being date raped as a high school student, infidelity of her first husband, marrying and then divorcing a con-artist who threatened her and her family’s lives and stalked her until his sudden passing, a near brush with death from Hashimoto’s Disease, and a pituitary tumor that miraculously healed. Throughout her ordeals, she regularly heard a voice say, “Help people like you!”

In the near future, Kami plans to focus full-time on coaching. She also plans on inspiring others through her public speaking.

In Kami’s radio series, she will discuss several topics including her services at Just Brooke and one of the books that she authored, My LifeTime Series to Dream Life. She will also share her expertise in the areas of accountability and expectation vs. reality and healing.

“Regardless of what has happened in your life, you are forgiven,” concludes Kami. “I am here to help you remember your self-love and your self-confidence. There is enough Just Brooke inside of me for you to tap into, until you remember those components inside of yourself.”

Close Up Radio will feature Kami Alaniz in a three-part interview with Jim Masters on Tuesday January 30th at 2pm Eastern, Tuesday February 13th at 2pm Eastern, and Tuesday February 20th, at 2pm Eastern

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