Disaster Preparedness: It’s a Laughing Matter

The Disaster Playbook and I Will Survive Manual

Here Comes the Apocalypse Logo

Here Comes the Apocalypse Logo

Terrified Jen Surrounded by Disasters

Terrified Jen Surrounded by Disasters

Here Comes the Apocalypse offers relevant info alongside cheeky gifs, silly comics, and terrible jokes that will keep you groaning and coming back for more.

OAKLAND, CA, UNITED STATES, November 2, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Now available, disaster prep resources that hit all the right notes:
– All the info you need to make comprehensive disaster plans
– Beautiful printed materials to organize your approach
– Relatable perspectives from sensible people who don’t assume you’re ready to live in the woods
– Enough gallows humor to make preparing both appealing and urgent

Oakland-based startup Here Comes the Apocalypse has launched a self-paced disaster preparedness system with a dark sense of humor. Users can rely on the website as their guide, or invest in the Disaster Playbook and its accompanying tools to take their prep to the next level.

Founder Jennifer Heller wanted to get her family prepared for unexpected disasters, but found the existing resources too boring to stomach. “I would go to the government websites and I would get bored and confused. I knew I couldn’t be the only one out there who was overwhelmed by the process.” Unfortunately, boredom isn’t a worthy reason to quit. The average number of US disasters causing a billion or more dollars in damage annually has almost tripled, from 6.7 per year to 18 per year since the 2000s.

With a background in web and graphic design, Heller wanted to approach the subject from a new perspective to get more people engaged. “I’ve always had a dark sense of humor. I figured — why not mix the macabre with the practical?”

Here Comes the Apocalypse’s in-depth guides offer relevant information and practical advice alongside cheeky gifs, silly comics, and terrible jokes that will keep you groaning and coming back for more. Their Disaster Playbook ($59.95 printed), offers an easy-to-follow blueprint breaking the complicated process of disaster prep into digestible chunks. Set your schedule, follow prompts to create your plans, do some shopping, get some practice, and boom! You’re prepared.

With natural disasters on track to continue increasing in frequency and intensity in the coming years, more families are coming to terms with their lack of preparedness. It can be difficult to voluntarily imagine yourself in your worst case scenarios and come out smiling on the other end, but HCTA aims to put you in a good mood while you strategize your way out of the apocalypse. You’re much more likely to finish if you enjoy the process. Heller says, “I often think of the end of Monty Python’s The Life of Brian. They’re literally crucified, grinning and singing, ‘always look on the bright side of death…’

“If these tools and the silly comics make even one family more prepared when the next disaster strikes, I will have succeeded.”

You can get started on your preparedness journey at www.herecomestheapocalypse.com or on social media @helloapocalypse today.

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